This article is 4 years old. As we are in a rapidly-changing industry, the information contained in this article may no longer be relevant. Please keep this in mind while reading.

Continue your social media marketing education with Social Media Marketing 201 — Facebook Business Pages. Listen below as Matt Halloran guides you through the process of setting up a Facebook business page and shares with you page optimization and audience engagement best practices for the financial services industry.

Dana Mahoney: Thanks so much Heather. Welcome everyone to our ongoing social media webinar series.

Today we’re talking about Facebook Company pages. We’re going to ask that you hang in there until the end but Let WealthVest Creative setup of your Facebook Company Page for a special webinar price today of $75. So, take a look, email to receive your coupon. So, after the end of the call, we’ll have this posted again. We would love to help you.

We understand that this can be overwhelming and a lot of information and we really are here to help. So again, thank you and welcome everybody to our ongoing social media webinar series.

These sessions are designed to educate you on social media marketing; the most rapidly developing area of marketing in the financial services industry. Advisors who embrace and implement social media marketing strategies are driving prospects proactively to them as inbound marketing and closing more business is at a far less expense than traditional marketing programs.

My name is Dana Mahoney. I’m the Vice President of Marketing here at WealthVest, and thank you so much for taking the time to join us today.

Today we’ll be walking through the process of establishing and optimizing a Facebook business page. This session is designed to be interactive, so if you have a question from that, or our marketing team, please type your inquiry in the question box on the right hand side of the screen and we will make as much time available as we can, to answer as many of those questions.

As always, we already have received a number of questions via email, which I will also ask Matt at the end of this as well.

So, we are proud to have Matt Halloran join us. He is a top Advisor Coach in the nation and he’s studied financial advisors use or lack thereof of social media. Matt knows and understands that pretty soon, we are concerned about three things: Lack of confidence, compliance and convenience.

Matt believes that WealthVest’s proprietary digital marketing platform coupled with WealthVest Creative Services, is the turnkey offering that producers have been waiting for and he is excited to share with you how that works to communicate to your existing clients, establish a strong web presence and gain new prospects without taking up your entire day.

Matt has been able to help advisors create time in their work day to make their life more efficient. He can help you find half an hour a day to gain a foothold in social media.

Top producers have told Matt for years that they don’t have the time and they’re not willing to take the risk with social media. Matt believes that there has been a solution created by WealthVest, that when used in conjunction with platforms like Facebook, will help all advisors overcome their three biggest concerns around social media usage: Confidence, compliance and convenience.

I’d like to share with you a few statistics that highlight the potential of Facebook marketing. Facebook currently has 845,000,000 active users. It’s a straightforward prospecting resource. Prospects are coming to you for more details.

It allows you to get ahead of your competition, build your brand, market in a low cost way, and a couple of other really fun stats. Seventy-seven percent of companies have acquired a B to C customer from Facebook. Forty-three percent have acquired a B to B lead from Facebook. Over 50% of the North American population uses Facebook and it accounts for one out of every five pages viewed on the internet worldwide today.

So, with that, I say welcome back Matt. As always, we are so excited to have you join us and walk us through your wealth of wisdom.

Matt Halloran: Well, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am very excited, as I always am to have the opportunity to truly drop some knowledge here and hopefully [04:11.3 – recording distorted]. I want to add one more quick statistic there Dana, which is one out of every 8 minutes that somebody spends online is actually on Facebook.

That’s just crazy numbers and what’s happened so much is our industry has been pushing people so hard towards really focusing on LinkedIn, that Facebook is like this forgotten territory. When those flood gates open, you need to be prepared and you need to know how to use it and that’s what I really want to talk about today.

So, what I’m going to do is – can everybody see – I’m just going to flip over here. Can everybody see my Facebook stats here? Dana, can you see that? Oh, she’s on mute. So, here’s the best part. Facebook is a marketing dream okay, and when you partner with a company that can actually help you do correct, positive, compliance-friendly, timely stuff, which is what WealthVest’s team will help you with, you can really kick some serious butt when it comes to social media.

So, look at what you’ve got here. What you have here, is you have just copious amounts of information. You’ve got all of the different people who are liking my page. I’m up .26%, just over a short period of time. That means, this is the viral reach that I have with all of my clients. When I post something on my personal Facebook page, I can reach an enormous amount of people. This again is virility. This is my weekly total reach.

I just want to scroll down here because Facebook will also show you the analytics of what people really like that you’re posting. You get real-time feedback on this. Now, the Advisor Deck platform – just so everybody knows, I was actually involved in helping create that because of my background in social media and the offerings that they offer are all time tested and very, very powerful stuff. They have analytic dashboards just like this, but it’s built right in to Facebook.

Now, here’s the fun thing. What we’re going to do today is, I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to set up a page. Now I’m not going to go through every single, solitary piece because one of the cool things that the Creative Services Team does at WealthVest is that they create a white paper that you’ll be getting at the end of this call. This one, I think they set up like 20 pages. It is a step-by-step plan on how to do this and make it done very, very efficiently.

Now here’s what I want you all to understand right off the bat. Number one, I want you to understand that some companies, whether it’s your general agencies, insurance companies, broker/dealers are not opening Facebook up yet entirely for you to be able to use. Why that is, I don’t know. They allow LinkedIn, but they are not allowing Facebook as much. I don’t really understand why.

It just is utterly ridiculous, but there are ways to get around that in a positive and a compliant manner. We’re going to talk about that very, very briefly because I want to make sure that everybody is on the same page and I do not want anybody to misconstrue anything that I’m saying about how to break compliance rules. But there are ways to be able to get familiar with this, start building up a followership and then be able to make it so that you can turn that page on when your compliance department will allow you to do that.

Now, for those of you who don’t have to worry about that, especially that extra layer of a general agency, broker, dealer, or whatever, this is the best part of what the Creative Services Team does because all of it is pre-approved on compliance. So you get to go to this thing I call like the ITunes Menu of Compliance is through WealthVest. Through the AdvisorDeck platform, you can chose what you want. It spins it out. It’s already pre-approved. It’s that simple.

Now, creating a page is pretty darn simple too, but one of the things you have to do right off the bat is you’re going to have to set up your own page. You have to sign up for Facebook and create a personal Facebook page first. Now, you don’t have to do anything with that page, just activate it. You don’t have to worry about posting anything – whether you do your first post is going to be “Hey, I’m on Facebook”, right.

Personally, I think it’s important for you to understand this medium because this is where all of your future clients are going to be comfortable with and that is a very important piece that all of you need to get comfortable with.

If you plan on being in the financial services industry, the annuities industry, the insurance industry in the next 20 years; if you’re not familiar with this way of communicating, you’re left in the dust because this is where everybody, aged 40 and under communicates. If you are not a 40 and under, but you plan on being in business for the next 20 years, you’ve got to get spot on with the use of this. You’ve got to learn what different posts mean and what liking means and if you comment, how that shows up.

All of these things are things you need to get comfortable with, so beta testing it on your own, connect with just a couple of friends, NO clients.

I don’t care if this client has been a friend of yours since the 4th grade, they’re a client, do not connect with them on your personal page because then you are opening up a compliance world wind of absolute nightmares. So, please, don’t do that. Just get comfortable with this.

I was talking with a couple advisors a couple of days ago that I actually consult with social media and I’m also their coach and he says to me, “Matt, I just want you to know, I’m never going to have a Facebook page” and I said, “You know what man, never is a really long time. I always thought that I never would have a beard or I’d never go bald or I’d never have kids, or I’d never get married.” That was the stupidest things I’ve ever said in my life – don’t ever say never.

You know what, honestly, if you want to exist in this business and you want to be competitive in the marketplace, not only do you need to be on LinkedIn, but you need to be on Twitter. You need to be on Google, Plus. You need to have a Pinterest account and you also need to be on Facebook.

So, with all of that, we’re going to create a page. So, I’m going to start ahead of the game here because I obviously already have a Facebook page. I’ve existed on Facebook for a really long time. In fact, I’ve been on social media since MySpace was the place to be, so I’m going to be able to jump ahead just a little bit.

I know a lot of you actually won’t admit it to your to your friends and family and co-workers that you have on Facebook page, but I know a lot of you do. So, what you’re going to be able to do is, on your personal Facebook page, you’re going to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Now I’m going to do this but it’s going to take a little while because Facebook is going to continue to queue up all their posts, so just give me a second while I’m scrolling through. I’m hoping this is not making anybody dizzy or nauseous, but if it is, you have a garbage can nearby, you just use it as you need. Because at the bottom, if you can see when it pops up, it actually says ‘Create a Page’ and that’s what I’m trying to get down to.

So, WealthVest, one of the cool things about the company, as I’m scrolling down; is you can see, that they have been existing on Facebook for a long time. Look at these – October 21st 2011. They’ve been around here for a really long time. They know this stuff. This is one of the reasons why they bring people like me on board. This is one of the reasons why they have the offerings is because they’ve been existing here on Facebook – look, since June 2nd of 2010. Nobody in the financial services industry was on Facebook on June 2, 2010.

This is the super cool thing that when Wade and Lincoln created this company, that they realized that this is WealthVest Marketing. You need to exhaust every marketing opportunity you can and you know what, Facebook is the place to be.

After you’ve set up your personal Facebook page, you’re going to scroll all the way to the bottom and you’re going to see this great thing here that says “Create a Page”. So, we’re going to go ahead and click on that. What happens is this is going to take you through a step-by-step way to focus on what your marketplace is going to be. Now, this is important because there are some very specific steps that most compliance departments who’ve come out with compliance guidelines on Facebook. I’m going to walk you through what they say.

So, first up, you’re not going to put yourself down as the company organization or institution. You are going to click on local business or place. Now, this is very, very vital because as per most compliance archiving programs; like what AdvisorDeck and WealthVest use is called PageFreezer; you need to have very specific criteria here. So, you’re going to chose a category.

You have to chose, if you are going to do this for your financial services, practice, bank/financial services. You just have to do that because if you look at the screen here, what else could it be? It could be business services – I mean that’s what I do as a coach, but really that wouldn’t be what you do. Even if business services or 401ks or things like that is what you focus on, because of regulatory issues and because what we want here, this is where you need to be.

So, I’m just going to go ahead and put some stuff down, top advisor, coaching and social media consulting. I don’t have an address, but I’m going to agree with the Facebook pages Terms. If you want to drive yourself mad, and personally, I think all of you really should drive yourself mad more often because a lot of you guys are a little more straight faced than you should be – read the Facebook pages Terms. It will absolutely freak you out. I wasn’t hoping this was going to happen – so, I’m just going to just do this. I guess I have to put my phone number down, so now everybody has my phone number.

So, after I do that, it’s going to take me through profile pictures and all of those things. Now I’m not going to bore you with that because I’m actually going to get back to WealthVest’s page and show you how all of these work. So, I’m not going to upload anything from the computer, but I am going to give you a hint here.

Many of you have websites, now albeit, they stink but that’s probably a different webinar that we should probably cover about how you really optimize and really have a good landing page, with some of yours, who are just abysmal. But for compliance reasons, if it has been approved on your website, then it will be easily approved on your Facebook business page.

So, your bio, your services offered, all of those pieces you can import that from websites and you can do that from this. This is a new thing that Facebook put out, because I think they’re just looking at ease of use, but if you want to upload something from your computer, please make sure it’s a good logo. Please make sure it’s a good headshot. Please don’t just take a picture of yourself with your iPhone from one of those weird angles like you’re looking up, like you’ll seeing social media all the time.

This is your professional page. This is your business. You need to get professional headshots done. You need to get a professional logo created, not a spec logo that you got for $5 on This is something that you actually put some money into because this is how people are going to relate to you and connect with you in the future. That’s what you’re going to do here now.

Now there are very specific parameters on sizes and stuff like that. Again, a lot of this is in the white paper that’s going to be coming to you from WealthVest, so I’m not going to go into a lot of that. I’m actually going to skip this piece. Add a description and website to improve the ranking of your page search. So, this is like any other aspect of social media and of web presence. The more feeders there are to be able to come in to your page, the more optimized it’s going to be.

Now, really, really good companies can help you optimize this with some good, tricky ways that are totally within the rules but most of us don’t know. Right, so as much as I consult on social media on a regular basis, I don’t know every, single, solitary in and out of SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization because I’m not a web designer.

If you can find a company, and a lot of times you can find this not far from you, to be able to help you with this, it’s really, really worth a very minimal investment. Because as everybody knows, if you don’t show up within three pages, three pages of a Google search, you just flat out, don’t exist. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, your optimized website; you have all of those things and consistent data across a consistent brand field, a consistent message, consistent text, consistent keywords. You have all of those things in place, and you know what, you’re going to show up on those pages and that’s really great when it comes to marketing.

Again, I’m not going to put this here, but it’s interesting because they want you to put down your Twitter feed, which most of you don’t have. Same thing with if you have Yelp link, which a lot of you should have, because that’s geo-located, that’s based in your area. They’re some things that are really important.

Will this represent a real establishment business or venture? Yes. You have to click yes here, that this will represent a real establishment. This is how they catch you to make sure you’re not really screwing around. But again, this is all in the white paper. I’m going to skip that too, because I want to get to this.

So, Facebook allows you to create a customized URL and that’s basically your address. So, it’s like the 1235 that I put in Main Street, when we were going back. That’s for the web, so that you can email this, you can link this, you can tell people about it and people can find you on Facebook.

So, right now, I have a number of Facebook business pages. I’ve got one for the Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors. I’ve got one for my coaching company. I’m going to show you WealthVest’s here in just a few minutes, because it’s very, very powerful. It’s very well done and again, since they’ve been around for 3-4 years now, you know that they really know what they’re doing and they can truly help you.

So, find out what you want your to be. Now, it can be your name. It can be the name of your company, which I’m truly hoping just isn’t your name, right. So, I’m hoping that you’re Strategic, Financial Group or I hope that you’re Cornerstone Wealth Management. I don’t care what your name is, but I hope that you actually have a name that’s bigger than yourself because if you ever plan on selling your business, you’ve got to have something that doesn’t have your name in it because it’s easier to actually get a better valuation of your company.

So, for right now, this is going to say, Top Advisor Coaching and Social Media Consulting. Wow! I don’t know if they’re really going to let me do that, because that’s going to be really, really long but what the heck? I’ll take it. So, you can type in anything you want here. You can type in IRA Specialist or 401k Rollover Specialist in Denver, or anything you want to put in here, and as long as it’s available…

As you can see here, “Choose your unique…” but you have to make sure that nobody else has gotten it. So you can’t call yourself a BMW, but you can call yourself something that’s tailored, and especially if you really want to nest in an area, that’s a great way to do it.

The other thing too, Facebook’s going to make a suggestion based off of the name of your company. That’s pretty nice of them to do that and it does make things work a lot more smoothly.

Now, I also want to just touch real quick on this “Enable Ads” thing. This is one of those things that you’re going to want to do later. I don’t want you to do this right when you’re setting up your page at the beginning because one, it’s going to ask you for credit card information and all of that stuff, which they’re not going to do anything with it, but you don’t need to worry about this right now.

Facebook Advertising specifically there are many, many financial services institutions that will allow you to do this right now, but some of them won’t so this is putting the cart before the horse really. We’ve actually already done this. Dana and her team and I presented two or three webinars to go on Facebook Advertising, how you do it, the power, how to focus and that’s actually archived on the WealthVest website. I highly recommend you go back and listen to it because it was a good webinar that really explained a lot. So again, here’s another thing that you’re going to skip.

So, what happens after I skip all of this stuff, is it really sets me up with this unbelievably ridiculously simple page. So, I’m pretty much going to skip everything, because this is what it’s doing. Facebook is going to try to force you to do things that’s going to benefit Facebook.

Now, I’m not talking about big brother ooh you need to be afraid stuff. They want you to learn how to use this, they want you to be able to do this in a very powerful manner, and because of the fact that they want you to use it in the right way, they’re going to continue to give you suggestions.

So, share something, they want you to do your first post. I’m not going to do that right now, because I’m being grumpy. So, I just wanted to show you that this is what’s happening. As you can see, I skipped a whole bunch of stuff, but it’ll still let me go back and it will help me adjust it.

I add my profile picture? I can add a cover shot, which is what I’m going to show you in just a second with WealthVest’s page. It’s also going to tell you when I joined Facebook. You can edit this. So, for instance, you are getting onto Facebook – in Facebook world, rather late in the game with a business, but going back and talking about how you founded the company, how long you’ve been in the industry; you are able to do that right here.

It’s good because even if you don’t have a copious amount of posts, this will actually show the depth of your company, which is really powerful. So, I’m going to go click back through here. This is my own personal page here. I’m going to go back here to WealthVest. So, this is WealthVest’s logo and this is their cover.

Now, what I would really recommend that you do because this is really powerful when people are going to connect with you on Facebook, especially when it comes to the business page. This needs to be your logo, and this being a shot of the skyline of your city, or a good quality shot of your office building or if you’re in a house, or let’s say you’re in San Diego, you know have a sweet shot of the beach.

Maybe one of the things that you want to connect with people is that you love to fish or you love to hunt or you love to surf. Having a panoramic shot that is going to speak volumes of who you are and what you do and what you like; you can do this and it’s very, very powerful.

Please do that and you know what, here’s the best thing. Just in case you don’t like it, then you can change it. I can actually do that to WealthVest right now. They’d probably get mad at me if I did it, but we can do that, so that you can see what’s going on.

Now, a couple of other things, and then Dana and I were talking earlier. I want to make sure we have lots of time for questions. She has been getting and actually, the whole Creative Services Team, has been getting flooded with questions from all of the different webinars that we’ve done, so, I want to make sure that we have lots of time to go through this.

Now, I know some of you are saying Matt, you’re speaking 4,000 miles an hour and I didn’t get any of that. Well, I want you to get comfortable with the steps. The white paper that WealthVest is going to give you is going to walk you through step-by-step.

After you get the white paper, if you want to read more about Twitter and you want to read more about LinkedIn, then just go on Amazon, download a copy of the Social Media Handbook For Financial Advisors. We do the same thing. We will walk you through to make sure that you can execute this seamlessly and in a compliant manner.

So, the other thing that I want to talk about, is what Facebook wants you to do is spend money so you’re always going to get this here. “See your ads here.” Look, that’s the webinar all of you are on right now, so WealthVest went ahead and they could advertise this using Facebook’s advertising.

Now, here is the fun part. On everyone of these posts, you can promote it. So, here’s your Facebook freebie for today. Once you set up your business page or you pay somebody a very reasonable price to set it up for you, and you start putting out compliance approved material, what I want you to do is I want you to set up an event. I want you to set up an event that you’re going to do to your area. Let’s say it’s on The best reason to use a secure retirement income vehicle. So, whatever that is, whatever all of you use, you just go ahead and do that.

You can promote it. Look at this, it’s even going to say, “Hey, by the way, how much do you want to pay?” It says here, if I only spend $5, I’m going to reach 3,000 to 5,000 people. That’s not too bad for $5 bucks now, is it? Let’s say I want to up that amount, which of course, Facebook would really love, so I drop $10 and kerblamo, I’m reaching almost 10,000 people.

See, this is how Facebook is going to make money. This is how you can effectively use Facebook in a very powerful way, but here is the deal. What you want to be able to do is to secure your footing in the space. You need to understand how Facebook works. You need to understand what these little icons at the top mean. You need to understand how the search tool works, which, by the way, Facebook just came out with this really, really good new search opportunity that they’re beta testing, and it just came out last week. What they’re doing is you can ask your friends and family what companies, restaurants, auto dealers, whatever, that they like. You can search that in this search bar and if you are a recommended source.

So, let’s say you’re a retirement income specialist, you’ve been using WealthVest products for years to tell people to secure a good retirement income and you’ve done that with about 500 or 600 different people, you’ve got 30 or 40 people who are loving your Facebook page. They exist on Facebook. They’re saying things about just how wonderfully secure they feel in retirement, and somebody says they search here in the search thing and they say, “Who is the company that my friends use for retirement income planning?”

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you might as well not exist because this is what’s going to happen. If your name comes up, but you don’t have a Facebook page, it will have to take them outside of a medium that they spend 1 out of every 8 minutes online on, you don’t exist.

So, let somebody set this up for you. Let some professionals do this. Is this the most effective use of your time? No. You know what the most effective use of your time is? Calling people and getting in new business. The most effective time for you is to prospect. The most effective use of your time is bone up on how you can get better at what you do. The most effective use of your time is to make sure that you’re asking existing clients in relationships to referrals, not spending hours and hours on setting up the best Facebook page you can.

Outsource it, if you can do it for cheap. I kind of wish that the powers that be at AdvisorDeck at WealthVest would have talked about this because that $75 price point is so far and way too low. But you guys have this access for those of you who are on the webinar. You can use this $75 price point and you guys, can get WealthVest to build this for you.

Please just outsource it. That’s like taking somebody out to lunch and a cheap one at that, so, use your money and your time effectively and wisely. Dive into Facebook this weekend. So today is Wednesday, the 23rd. By this weekend, all 170 some odd people that are on this call need to have a Facebook presence if you don’t already have it.

If you do have a Facebook presence, see how you can get more friends, see how you can like companies and what happens when you like companies. See what happens when you post something or comment on somebody’s post or when you just like somebody’s post. Get familiar with all the different aspects because when you dive into Facebook business pages, you need to look like you know what you’re doing because the worst thing that can happen, is that you don’t have frequent timely and powerful posts because if you don’t do that, you might as well not exist here at all.

So, the three things that I always like, and Dana said this at the beginning, I always want you to pay attention to when it comes to social media, is that you have confidence with your use of it, it’s done in a compliant manner, and it’s also convenient.

So, how do you get all three C’s taken care of? Well, you actually strategically partner with somebody who can do that.

Now, with full disclosure, you don’t have to use WealthVest. Do I think you should? Absolutely, or I wouldn’t be doing this with them as often because I really, truly believe that they bring some amazing services to you. I know a lot of your broker, dealers, general agencies and companies will offer you services, but you have to make sure that they actually know what they are doing.

In closing, before I take questions with Dana, if we can get ready to take questions, there was a great article that was on social media, if you guys are involved in it. It was in a Financial Planning Magazine, and it was talking specifically about are social media experts actually social media experts and they could be social media experts, but do they actually understand the financial services industry. More often than not, I want all of you to be very, very skeptical of the people who are promoting themselves as social media experts because they don’t understand the compliance ramifications.

Yes, they might have a whole bunch of Twitter followers. Yes, they might be able to use it effectively themselves, but that doesn’t mean they understand our industry. You’ve got to make sure that you cover your butt. A CYA here can save you a whole bunch of problems later down the road.

So, Dana, can we get rolling with some questions here?

Dana Mahoney: Yes. Let’s do that. Thanks so much Matt.

Alright, we’re going to just kick it off. An advisor asked, “I am not sure how important brand consistency is across all platforms. Can you help me address this?”

Matt Halloran: Right, so here it’s more than vital. So, if I go to your Twitter page and your Twitter page looks like you’re some Joe Shmuck surfer bum, and then your Twitter page links you, because this is the key. Your Twitter page is going to link you to your Facebook business page, but your business page represents something else. There’s this logo and the color scheme’s weird, and then I go to your website and everything is totally different, you just look horribly disorganized and as much as most advisors in my experience are quite disorganized, we don’t want to ever put that face out front.

That’s when we close the office door and we go meet in the conference room when our office is messy, but this looks like a messy office. So, not only do you have to have standard color schemes, standardized logos, but you also have to have standardized messages. You have to have standardized keywords. You have to have a standardized feel.

So, Dana, to elaborate on that question. So I have an advisor who’s a very, very active trainer, and that’s what his clients pay him for. That’s what he does. He’s in an out all the time. There’s a lot of trading that’s going on, but he doesn’t do financial plans. He’s a stock trader. So, that’s what this guy does.

So his feel of his website is very, very different than some of the other clients that do full service comprehensive financial planning multi-generational. Because this guy is a transactional based guy, where the other person is a relationship person for more than one generation. So, it’s very, very important to make sure that you have brand consistency, brand messaging and search engine optimized words across all of your platforms.

Dana Mahoney: Ok, Matt, question. How can I incorporate my insurance business into my personal Facebook page?

Matt Halloran: Oh, God, please don’t ever do that. You’re going to get yourself in so much trouble that you could get shut down. Don’t ever, ever talk about what you do professionally in a compliance, FINRA, FCC, any regulatory body that is overseeing you; don’t put anything anywhere on your personal page. You’re going to get nailed and they’re looking for it right now. That’s one of the big FINRA and FCC pushes this year, is they’re going to be looking out for people who are breaking the rules.

For those of you who haven’t been able to be patient enough to do this correctly with the right compliance pieces in places, man, you’re going to get the living snot fined out of you and it’s not going to be pretty.

Dana Mahoney: To that extent, Matt, another question. “How, can I be certain that my Facebook page is completely isolated from my business page sites?

Matt Halloran: This has a lot to do with setting. Your business page is only going to be linked in Facebook size. As long as you’re commenting, like WealthVest Does. Let’s take a look at this. See, WealthVest comments as WealthVest Marketing right. So, this is how they comment.

They’re not going to be able to trace you personally back to your business page. And if you for some reason, see – because what happens sometimes, is people would go up into the search bar and they will type in Mathew Halloran. Now, there’s hundreds of them and one happens to be a professional football player, soccer player, so I don’t really have to worry too much about people connecting with me because it actually defers them to professional and they get excited about that.

But if they type your name and they see that there are people who want to be friends with you on Facebook, that you don’t want to be friends with because they are clients, which is what I’m going to recommend don’t accept their requests. When they come back to you and they think you snubbed them because un-liking or unfriending and all that stuff; I mean hey you’ve got to separate your business from your personal life.

Dana Mahoney: Matt, let’s see, “For compliance purposes, how does an RAA firm archive social media postings and responses?”

Matt Halloran: You can’t do that yourself, just so you know. Maybe you can. Basically, what it is, is you have to take screenshot upon screenshot, and you might as well just hire somebody to do it. The same company that the FINRA and the FCC uses, is the same company that AdvisorDeck uses, which is called PageFreezer.

There are other companies that are out there that offer the compliance archiving aspect of it. I have yet to see anything that runs this smoothly as PageFreezer because it will take it across all of your platforms, not just social media but also web, so that’s what you have to do. There is a fee for it, but it’s worth every penny because again, it’s covering your butt and it’s making sure that you guys are keeping above board with all of this stuff.

Dana Mahoney: I’m just sorting through these, Matt. I’m sorry.

“How do I write an effective profile?” They also asked how do you create the page?

We’ve walked through that and we’ll be sending everybody the white paper. But I think the effective profile piece is interesting.

Matt Halloran: Yes, so one of the most effective things that you can do, and I’m going to bounce back here. I’m going to try to make it that people aren’t checking out all the weird stuff that my friends post here. So, this is my top advisor page. This is from the stats that I had shown you earlier.

I think it’s very, very important to find out and to be very clear and succinct about who you are and what you do. You want to have the company name in your profile on a regular basis. You also want to make sure that you’re focusing very, very clearly on the keywords, so that when people search – because when Facebook search, they search everything that’s in all of your text; that it’s very consistent about who you are and what you do.

So, again, I always say this retirement income specialist, and I’m telling you all that because that’s what a lot of you are but you just don’t call yourself that. You call yourself a like a financial advisor, which stops the conversation and doesn’t allow you to do any really good marketing with it, but you have to have that consistency. So if you actually see on my page specifically, right – I’ve got the word coach, coach, coach, right. There’s another one. Look at how long mine is.

Basically, what you want to make sure is that you’re doing it with your profile is you’re being as clear as you possibly can, with very, very specific keywords built in. I also work with this organization called GIVE, which is Greater Investment via Endowment. We help people re-direct money to charity, so I’ve gotten into that sort of stuff.

I’ve got words like “top,” and I’ve built all of this with search engine optimization in mind because I really, truly want people to be able to find me.

Here’s the other thing that’s really great is you can add products. Now, products aren’t necessarily, specifically saying company names, but you need to put products in like what you specialize in doing. Whether you are a risk management specialist, you know, those are the sorts of things that you need to put in here and the more stuff that you put in, the better.

I would negate the price range, that’s an editable option where you don’t have to put that in. Here’s another cool thing. You’ve got to give people a little bit of feeling of who you are. Now, if you look at my page here again, I’ve got my logo that I paid pretty good darn money for, but I have picture of myself and my dog. Now, here’s why, because people look at my Saint Bernard they say “Wow, that’s a big dog,” and it’s a great conversation starter. That’s part of my passion prospecting. That’s part of who I am and what I do, is I love my dogs.

It’s a great way to start something. It gives people have an immediate connection point with me, so I highly recommend that you do something that’s similar. It’s a professional picture too, by the way. I’m sorry Dana, go ahead.

Dana Mahoney: Matt, this one, I think I can answer, but with your assistance for sure.

“Should you ask your State Insurance Commissioner’s office for social media guidelines?”

I think for anybody that has joined us in the past, and we will share it again, is the Massachusetts guidelines are really top-notch. I believe that is really where everybody is going in the way of modeling their guidelines. We’ll be happy to share that today when we send out our white paper, and if you have anything to add to that. I know we’ve done that before, but we’d be happy to share again.

Matt Halloran: Yeah, and my two cents, thank you for sharing that with everybody because I think that’s really important. You know if you’re living up to the Massachusetts guideline, you’re good. You’re pretty much covered. Some of them are going to say they don’t have it, so, if you default to Massachusetts; if anybody comes back and says, “Dana, you are not following Michigan’s social media guidelines,” say “Ok, well first off, they don’t have any secondly, hey I’m living up to the nation’s standard,” so usually you guys can be okay with that. A great question.

Dana Mahoney: So, we’ll be sending this out. Everybody be on the lookout for that. Matt, can you have more than one business page?

Matt Halloran: Absolutely. In fact now, with this next one, I think I have five. The reason why is because one, I’m involved with a lot of different things. I own Top Advisor Coaching, I do social media consultation, I wrote a book. I work with the GIVE strategy, which is the Greater Investment via Endowment, so, I created all of these different Facebook pages and the reason why I’ve done that is because I don’t like blurring lines.

When I’m in give mode, which is what I spend 90% of my time on, I’m consistently focusing on driving agents and advisors to join our program. That’s what that page is about. Top Advisor, is my coaching and consulting company, so, everything I post there has to do specifically with financial services, professionals and people who provide advice.

Now, I was going to give you the little hint here, so Dana, I’m going to digress here quickly. There is a way to be able to build a Facebook presence outside of compliance, as long as you’re not talking about products, to get very comfortable and start building a followership and what that is, is an OBA page, an outside business activity page. You want to notify your compliance, whomever, that you’re setting up an OBA and this is what it is.

What maybe it’s about for me; maybe it’s about Saint Bernard rescue or maybe it’s about dog maintenance because dear Jesus, if you’ve got a Saint Bernard, you know about dog maintenance. So, that way, I can get very comfortable. I can start learning how to use this program, this whole idea of social media and Facebook, specifically in a confined area, and I can start finding success and building enough confidence. Because remember, that’s the first C is you have to be confident about this.

Dana Mahoney: Matt, “Using social media with compliance and FINRA restrictions.” I know we’ve touched upon that, and maybe you can explain it and I’m happy to add to the fact that WealthVest and WealthVest Creative Services uses FINRA approved content. Anyway, take it from there and…

Matt Halloran: W, yes. Why did reinvent the wheel? I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of advisors and agents and I know you want to have your personal touch on everything and trust me, I understand that. But you can get that personal touch by having effective branding without necessarily having to create all of the material yourself.

That’s why partnering with somebody who’s going to be able to feed you pre-approved material, it just makes everything more simple. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be everybody. I’m showing you the need of urgency and immediacy that you need to be existing here, but you don’t have to become an expert. You’re supposed to be an expert in other things.

Focus on what you’re good at, outsource what you don’t. I’ve been saying that as a coach for ten years. So having a queue of pre-approved material will allow you to spin stuff in a consistent manner, that’s high quality and that’s already approved.

Dana Mahoney: And this is sort of a dovetail off of that, Matt. “Once I’m optimally set up, how much of my time is really required? Like, many, I’m maxed out already for time.”

Matt Halloran: Right. So, if you do it effectively and if you truly use an outsource company, it could be as little as 10/15 minutes a day. And trust me, you can find 10/15 minutes a day. If you’re going to do it on your own, you need to block out a good hour, hour and a half a day at the beginning and then once you get good at it, you can do it in about a half an hour a day.

But if you can do 10 minutes, and sometimes you can do this at the beginning of the week, especially if you if you use something like the AdvisorDeck platform because you can queue stuff up in advance. So, on Sunday night before I go to bed, or when I get up and before I go exercise at 5:00 o’clock in the morning; I get up at 4:45, I take 10 minutes to like queue up everything for the week.

That is an effective use of your time because if not, everybody, you can get bogged down. So, I’m not going to take you to my personal Facebook page, but I have people who will post like a YouTube video. Here is a great example.

So I’m on social media and I’m getting my work done. I’m posting in different places and I find this YouTube video that I really like, and I’m like I’ve got five minutes and so I go ahead and click on it. I need a good laugh, something to decompress and then all of a sudden, I realize man 20 minutes has gone by and I’ve watched four different failed videos on YouTube.

That’s the slippery slope that can happen on social media. It’s click upon click upon click, and that’s what social media wants you to do. Don’t fall into that trap okay. Outsource the trap. Let somebody else deal with it. Let the Creative Services Team and the AdvisorDeck people deal with it for you because they’ve got your butt covered. They’ve got compliance stuff, they’ve got pre-approved material, and they can make it so that you spend as little time as you possibly can a day.

Dana Mahoney: And Matt, to that point I will add that, depending on which particular program people work with us on, we post as frequently as five times a week with FINRA approved content. And that is pushed out to your linked social media pages from your website a number of times during the day, according to best practices. I’m going to blink on, it’s like 11:00, 2:00 o’clock, 4:00 o’clock is the times that people are actually looking at social, so, that is something we can do for you. That does make it almost down to zero.

I’ll be honest with you. Kind of once you give us your profile of what your areas of expertise are, you have content, into future. I don’t want to say infinity, but that sound like a great word, you know.

We have a couple of others, and I think we have a little bit more time. “I don’t use Facebook personally, can I still effectively leverage for my business?”

Matt Halloran: No, you can’t. You have to set up a personal page. You know what, once you get involved with it, you’re going to realize that Facebook’s actually a great thing. But you have to have a personal page. You have to get comfortable with it before you launch. Even if you use Creative Services at WealthVest, you still have to set up a personal page.

Dana Mahoney: “Matt, how do I market my website and then link together Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Matt Halloran: I’m sorry, say that again.

Dana Mahoney: I think what they’re asking is how do I market my website. And they’re asking sort of the importance of linking Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to your website and creating that sort of concept of comprehensive integrated marketing.

Matt Halloran: So yes. I mean it all is about comprehensive integrated marketing, which basically, means that you need to have everything saying the same thing and everything needs to be facing each other okay, so that’s just that in a nutshell. But here’s the most important piece of this.

I think that this is an underutilized understanding of how all of this works. I say this in the beginning of the book, which if you haven’t picked up a copy, all of you need to pick up a copy of the book. But you need to understand that you, as the trusted advisor; you as the person who has the key relationship with these people, need to communicate to these clients in the medium that they want you to communicate to them.

So for some people, it’s 140 characters or less, which is Twitter. For some people it’s Facebook, for some people it’s LinkedIn. Some people they only want to do it image-based with Pinterest. These are things that you have to be flexible. Some people like static web pages. Some people want you to pick up the darn phone. Some people like email.

You have to be prepared and flexible, and by using an integrated marketing approach, where you post from one place and it spins it out to all these other places that you have connections with, that means that you’re meeting your client’s communication needs in the medium that they want you to communicate to them.

If that’s the only thing you get out of today’s webinar, which I really hope it’s not but if it is, that you need to be the person that communicates to your clients in the way that they want and in the mediums that they want to be communicated in. If you get that drilled into your head, then this was definitely worth your time today.

Dana Mahoney: Matt, can you define and compare blogging versus posting to Facebook.

Matt Halloran: It’s micro blogging. So, a lot of people want to do a blog roll, which is an entirely fine. There are different integrated services that you can use to do that, but I actually don’t have an outside blog like WordPress and things like that. Because first off, I wrote a book and so, my days of writing 20/30 pages at a sit down are done for a little bit because I’m actually still recovering from all of that. So, I like it short and sweet and to be really honest, you should be short and sweet too.

Frequency of posting on Facebook – if you’re posting on a daily basis, you basically have a blog. Now, if you want to WordPress it or if you want to use some of the other blog roll services that are there, I think it’s very important and it can be very powerful, but what’s going to happen is – here it is again.

Whatever you post on your blog, is then going to be ameliorated on your website, is therefore going to be ameliorated on you Twitter account, your LinkedIn account, your LinkedIn group pages, your LinkedIn company page, and also your business Facebook page. You can spin it either way.

Dana Mahoney: Matt, there’s one that kind of goes back to another question that’s important, and I actually think I might be able to help you answer, which you can again, please add on.

It says, “I left Facebook personally because I got really tired of the train wreck excessive updates from my friends, and that’s in quotes. I’m really familiar with it. Please elaborate the why of needing a personal page.

The answer is, on Facebook, in order to establish a business page; you do need to have a personal page. I will tell you that I’m an Administrator on the WealthVest business page, but in order to do that, I do have my own Facebook personal page.

I established another Facebook personal page and that basically, enables me to drive the car without any of the extra details of my personal life attached. So, that’s a way some people deal with it. It’s something to consider, but they do require that you have that personal page in order to set up the business page.

May I suggest turning off those updates from your friends, because I do understand they are annoying.

Matt Halloran: I do too. It’s funny that, that person brings it up because I was just reading something on Facebook today and I thought to myself, you really just posted that on Facebook about yourself? I mean, you don’t a have a filter. So what I’ll do is there are privacy settings on Facebook that I can hide different posts. I can only get infrequent updates or I can just hide everything from them entirely.

And you know what, Facebook can be a train wreck. Sometimes it’s funny to watch the train. This is a proverbial train, not a real train, but it’s sometimes funny watching people who do stupid stuff on Facebook but it can be a big time suck.

So since you’re familiar with it, all you need to do; the person who asked the question, is you need to activate your page again or activate a new page and just don’t post anything on it. I don’t care if everyone of your high school buddies wants to connect with you and talk about good old times, don’t do it, but you have to have it in place. You don’t have to use it necessarily, but it has to be there, just like Dana said, in order to build your business page.

Dana Mahoney: That’s what I do, quite frankly is, when I set up that other personal page, I tell my friends, I don’t connect with them. I connect with them on my other page and that’s just the page I use to administrate on WealthVest, so, that has worked well for me.

With that Matt, I want to thank everybody so much for your time. We love having Matt on. We loved having all of you on, The questions are fantastic and the material is fantastic. Please feel free to contact WealthVest Creative Services. We can help you set up your Facebook business page. We can do a lot more than that and we’re happy to do it. Today, for $75, I think you might find it to be well worth that small investment.

If you need us, we’re at (406) 551-6889. And again, the recording will be coming out. I will include that Massachusetts guidelines piece. You will get the white paper that walks you through every single, micro element of launching a Facebook business page.

So again, thanks and we look forward to seeing you next time.