Genworth is excited to announce additional rate/cap INCREASES.  Please read carefully:

The following increases are effective Immediately:

(NOTE:  This is a special deviation from our normal routine of making changes effective on Wednesdays)

Index 7
- point to point @100K 5.75 & bailout at 5.25%

Index 10 Plus- point to point @100K 4.50 & bailout at 4.00%

Click here to view the current rate sheets.

All other strategies are increasing as well.

Also increasing are SPDAs:

Independence, Liberty, Rate Saver, and SmartRate-  All guarantee periods & bailouts where applicable!
Funds received Monday or later will receive the new caps/rates in effect on MondayExchanges & Transfers lock in Caps/Rates on the app signed date, but Genworth will lock rates for 60 days & give higher rates if they’ve gone up when funds are received (for Genworth initiated exchanges/transfers).
Don’t forget:  Product specific annuity training is now required in ALL states for ALL Index Annuity Sales.  Training can be found at
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