This article is 7 years old. As we are in a rapidly-changing industry, the information contained in this article may no longer be relevant. Please keep this in mind while reading.

Welcome to my Blog Financial Advisors.  I wanted to start with some news on what’s happening in the Social Media World to help keep you up to speed.  I have been keeping an eye on three particular new stories lately that may have a big impact on social media that can effectively increase your financial gain.

Twitter showed off its New Web Interface at its press showcase Tuesday. Twitter revealed the new version of, which it will integrate into the website over the next few weeks so not to overwhelm everyone.

One of the major changes is that it is adding multimedia to twitter.  Things like Pictures and Videos will not be on there.  From an advisors standpoint if you have thousands of friends on your twitter account you can now communicate with your followers through images and video.  This opens up a whole new way to market to potential investors.

The other new thing coming out is Google Me.  Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google has confirmed that we could be getting “Google Me” as soon as this Fall. The Google Me service will introduce what Google calls “a social layer” into online search, video and Google Maps.  Eric Schmidt also said “If you think about it, it’s obvious. With your permission, knowing more about who your friends are, we can provide tailored recommendations. Search quality can get better,” he added.

What’s interesting to me is that this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a stand-alone product.  It appears the plan is to interlace some social goodness into all of Google’s existing products. Integrating social style media into their already successful products is probably Google’s best shot at getting widespread adoption.  My guess is it would be extremely difficult to get 500 million users to see the value in a competing service, and then decide to switch.

I am looking forward to see what the Googlers got up their sleeve.  I’m hoping it’s going to really wow me.  I thought Google Wave was going to be big but after testing that out I was disappointed.  I hope the same does not happen with Google Me. What do you think “Google Me” will be about?  Comment and let me know?

Google says it’s another way to know more about you to tailor your search.  Perhaps it’s also another way big brother is watching.  A Google engineer was fired in July for invading the privacy of four underage teens.  So that means real people are watching you not just complex alga rhythms. The 27-year-old former Google employee repeatedly accessed the e-mail accounts, contact lists, Gtalk chat transcripts and Google Voice call logs of the minors, whom he met through a technology interest group in the Seattle area.  He later was fired “for breaking Google’s strict internal privacy policies.”  I think its somewhat bothersome to know, what do you think?  Please let me know your views on this with a comment below.

In the last year WealthVest has started to broaden what we consider online advertising, and are choosing to run some amazing social media campaigns. Rather than slapping a banner ad on a site, social media campaigns take full advantage of the web’s unique properties like interactivity, community-building, and the ability to reach out to new potential clients and customers.  Check out the below social media icons we have added to the site and connect with us.  We have real people monitoring and administering these sites and we are interacting with you.  We are now apart of some great new savvy Social Media properties like Digg, Vimeo, and Technorati.  If you are a fully comprehensive financial advisor cover all your bases by creating accounts at as many social media properties as you can.  Own some online real estate.  The longer you wait the more behind you will get.  We have some brilliant people in the financial industry working for us who have began the social media move and the results are already positive.  As time goes by it will get better and better as these avenues are further developed.

Social Media is a changing all the time but don’t let this discourage you from joining up.  Financial advisors are way behind on this platform so you being in it now will put you instantly a head of your competition.  Given the for sure reality that the Internet will be faster, a social media world defined by apps built on top of a few key services, and billions of connected devices, the next five years will see shifts in certain areas of media.  I am sure television and radio will change to keep up like causing such dramatic changes as those seen in print over the past decade.

The Internet has already enabled anyone to be a publisher, writer, and author. But now, with Internet-connected television, anyone is going to be able to gain access to the living room. Like our tv channel on blip, a company that bet on this trend early, recently reported that its shows which air solely online and on connected devices – are being viewed nearly 100 million times per month — or, put another way, 10% as much as what’s viewed on all major networks combined.

And while this trend was previously relegated to early adopters and startup set-top box makers like Boxee  and Roku, recent months have seen the likes of Google jump on board with Google TV and Apple revamp its Apple TV offering. At the same time, so-called “second screen” providers are building a social experience with TV leveraging Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube – on mobiles and tablets around video content. The result of this trend is going to be the type of broad advertising that will be perfect to leverage as a financial advisor.  Jumping on board now is your best bet on being one of the first financial advisors to capitalize on this up and coming medium.

Radio is likely to change the same way. Late last year, I saw the LTE Connected Car concept unveiled – an idea that will become increasingly close to reality with expanded 4G coverage. Already, we’ve seen Ford take advantage of this media, letting you stream music from Pandora over your car stereo. While the transformation in radio might not come as soon as that in TV, it’s inevitable, and there are hundreds of content providers already jumping on the bandwagon from Pandora to to BlogTalkRadio – ready to overtake the old forms of radio.

I  know I left out some brilliant social media campaign ideas that can improve your advisory practice.  Add your voice to the comments below if you have any questions or rebuttals to my statements on improving your practice through social media please let me know by leaving a comment and no matter what it is I promise to respond right away.