This article is 4 years old. As we are in a rapidly-changing industry, the information contained in this article may no longer be relevant. Please keep this in mind while reading.

Listen as Matthew Halloran guides you through advertising on Facebook — from establishing your campaign budget to testing your campaign with different audiences.

Course Syllabus

  • Define your goals
  • Identify target audience
  • Create engaging calls to action
  • Split-test your ad
  • Measure your results

Matt Sawyer: And thank you once again everyone for joining us on another installment of our very popular Social Media Marketing Webinar Series.

Today’s program is titled “Social Media Marketing 101 – Facebook Advertising,” and as always, it features Mr. Matt Halloran. But first, as we move toward the holiday season and into 2013, I think it’s extremely important for all of us to take a few minutes to reflect on the year.

Regardless of where we finished relative to the goals that we set for ourselves back in January, to be incredibly thankful for all that we did accomplish and the many blessings that we’ve been afforded this year.
So, I look at WealthVest, I know two things.

Number one, we’re extremely grateful for the friendships we’ve been able to forge with you; our clients in 2012. We’re extremely grateful for the business you’ve sent to WealthVest and the trust you placed in us, not only to process your business, but to truly work together to help you grow your practices. So, from everybody here at WealthVest Marketing to all every one of you on the webinar today, thank you so much for a very great year.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the program, which I kind of like to call “Six Easy Steps To A Rocking Facebook Ad Campaign.” One quick item before we begin, we will be taking questions throughout the presentation. You simply have to type them into the question box at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and then Dana and Matt will go through them towards the end of the hour.

Statistics tell us that 93% of all adults have a Facebook presence. I’ll repeat that, 93% of all adults have a Facebook presence. If we put that another way, 93% of all the prospects that you market to, are on Facebook. Can you say that about any other source of media that you use to distribute your marketing message? I’m going to guess that the answer to that is an emphatic “no.”

While we may believe that these adults are simply updating their status and keeping tabs on their friends, the most astute social media marketing professionals are driving marketing messages and they are closing business using Facebook. You just have to know some important techniques to maximize the time and the effort that you spend to do it.

As always, that brings me to our good friend, Matt Halloran. Matt’s recognized as one of the best Advisor/Coaches in the nation, and he has a keen understanding of how Financial Advisors run their practices. He is a Director of National Development for GIVE Strategies, which is directing $1 Billion to charity. He is the President and Founder of Top Advisor Coaching and is a co-author of the Social Media Handbook For Financial Advisors, which is rapidly becoming the definitive source of Social Media Marketing Concepts for Financial Advisors.

So, Matt, once more, in 2012, thank you so much, welcome and happy holidays to you.

Matt Halloran: Well, that you Matt and Happy Holidays to everybody, too. We really do take this time of year; well, at least, you should be taking this time of year, just as Matt said, to have this as a period of reflection. How did you all do? Did you go where you wanted to go? Did you get what you wanted to get done?

If you didn’t get exactly where you wanted to be, then reconfigure your goals and set other ones for 2013. All of my coaching clients right now and I are knee deep in strategic initiatives and planning for 2013, and I’m really trying to help them focus on what’s going on and where they really want to go and you have to have the end in mind to really do some planning. I think that’s what’s really important about today’s presentation, that you have to start with the end in mind.

We’re going to go through all the different steps that you need to go take to advertise with Facebook, but I want you specifically to keep one little thing in the back of your mind. I want to noodle this that, should you become a Facebook expert, do you need to know every single, solitary piece that I’m going to talk about today and can you take the time to do it?

As a coach and a consultant for the last ten years, I always want you to focus on the best use of your time. As some of you are probably as passionate about social media as I am, I just want you to understand that as a coach and as a consultant, part of my job is to provide you with a solution. Part of my job is to say, here is what you need to do. Now, you need to make the decision of should I be the one doing it. And yes, anytime you delegate anything, there’s a cost involved with that.

What we’re going to do is just some quick math before we jump into this. So, take whatever your production; not actually what you brought home, but what your production was for 2012, and then you do the standard divide that by 2000 and that’s what you’re worth. You should be keeping in mind per hour.

So, let’s just say that $175 to 200 an hour. Is it worth your time to take 10 hours, to be able to get everything set up and everything in place so that you can spend $2,000 of your time, to be able to get something up and running. Or is it more important to take that two grand and give it to somebody else who is actually an expert on this stuff and implement it for you with a total solution.

I want you guys really think about this. This could be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself in Christmas time this, holiday time this year; the Hanukkah or whatever you’re celebrating. What we’re going to talk about today could be one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself for 2013.

I’m hoping you’re all buying yourself and spoiling yourself with something anyway. You might as well do something that’s fun, that’s great for business and that also gives you the opportunity to outsource.

So, as Matt said, 93% of your clients are on Facebook. That’s unbelievable numbers, and it’s only like 60% are on LinkedIn, and it’s even less than that who are on Twitter.

I hear this all the time from advisors who I’m coaching and consulting. They say to me, “Matt, I know everybody keeps telling me I need to be on LinkedIn.” LinkedIn is a crowded marketplace as of right now and unless you’re a 401k rollover specialist; if you are that, then you need to be on LinkedIn because that’s wicked, powerful. In fact, Crystal Thies; the co-author of my book, she wrote a whole section on that, in the later section of the Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors. So, if you are that person; go, dive in, LinkedIn’s great.

But if you want to totally target a specific kind of people, then you know what; Facebook is the place to be. You, in general, just so you know, and I’ve reviewed hundreds of compliance documents from all sorts of different broker/dealers, general agencies, insurance companies, FCC, FINRA, everybody and their brother comes out with these papers. I’m a nerd. I love reading them.

You can use this. You can use Facebook. You can use what we’re going to be talking about today. You can use this to your advantage to target your laser focus, your marketing efforts in an incredibly inexpensive way and get your message right in front of people in real time.

So, 93% of your clients are there. That’s just unbelievably powerful and advertising on Facebook is so simple to do, but you have to have a whole bunch of other stuff in place, which we’re going to talk about what those things are that you need to have in place in order to make sure that you’re directing them to the right people.
So, what we need to do is, we need to really seriously talk about the fact that you need to have some infrastructure things in place. I’m going to bring Dana on at the second half of the call today and we’re going to some other solutions that you all can use through WeathVest Marketing and through AdvisorDeck.

But first off, I like to talk to Financial Services professionals about this and in fact, I’ve been talking to the Director of the Chartered Advisor and Philanthropy Program at the American College and he said this so well today.

He said, “You know what. When I was in the insurance business, it was one of those things that always people used to say to me,” – his name is Phil – “Phil, go out and get some new clients.” “I would go out into the world and I’d be running into people and I had no idea what I was looking for, and I would come back empty handed and it drove my superiors crazy. But if they had told me to go out and look exactly for a 45 year old redheaded woman, wearing a black dress, I could find that person and I’d come back with 10 of them”.

That’s exactly what you have to do with Facebook Advertising, is we have to know exactly who you want to go after because if you just do a really, really broad – not that you’re going to be cast out in the middle of the ocean, but you have no idea what you’re going to pick up. But we have to make sure we know exactly who we are, who we want to talk to, who we want to go after, and then we have to make sure we’re putting our ad in front of that person at the right time.

Next, you have to have a place for them to go. For those of you, many of you who’ve been on multiple of these webinars, it goes without saying, I’m a huge fan of what AdvisorDeck brings to the table.

I’ve been playing with my AdvisorDeck account now for the last two or three weeks. I’ve got a couple of marketing things that I’m going to use it for, and it is unbelievable what it does. You can’t just put a Facebook ad out there and then just have it redirect so that you get more Likes on your Facebook page. I don’t care about Likes.

Likes don’t turn people into prospects. They aren’t really truly warm leads. A lot of them are like, “Yeah, I’ll like this guy, that’s great.” What it needs to be is that it needs to direct people to a very specific place, that’s very specifically branded, with your stuff, with a great message and a way to capture their information.

Facebook is big brother, as it might seem, doesn’t really grab every piece of information that you need as an advisor and as an agent and as a producer. You want to have people who very specifically are going to give you their contact information and say, “Matt, I am truly interested in the free information that you’re putting out.” So, you need to know lots of stuff. Who do you target? What’s the demographic? What age is the audience, gender, race, language, education, occupation, geographic location? Do you want to work on local businesses people? Do you want to work with people within a very specific industry? You can do all of this through Facebook.

Before you even click, before you set up your business page on Facebook, you have to know this and this goes bigger picture everybody. Again, when I ask producers “What do you do for a living?” Because that’s a question I need to be able to help people with as a coach and a consultant right. And if I’m going to truly help you become a top advisor, well, if you can’t communicate succinctly what you do, then you’re really not in the game.

I will ask them that. “Oh Matt, I help people do blah, blah, blah with blah, blah, blah,” and it’s boring. I tell them, “Oh my God, that is so boring. Who are you telling that message to?” “Well, I tell it to all of my clients and prospects.” Well, what do your clients and prospects look like? “Well, they range anywhere from ages 25 to 76. The average household account is $248,000, but my account minimum is $500,000. I have to do 10 of my appointments that are my A+ clients remotely, because they’re not in the geographic area and they all look different.”

I’m sitting there, and for those of you who’ve seen pictures of me, I’m bald, so I can’t pull the hair out of my head. I guess I could pull it out of my beard, but it just drives me crazy. You have to know exactly who you’re going after with the right message and it has to be somebody who you’re going to continue to focus on. Not everybody can be your client and, as brutal as this sounds, not everybody needs your help. You might want them to, but just because you want it to happen doesn’t mean it’s going to.

Do you want to work locally? Do you want to work regionally? Do you only want to nest yourself into one company? What do you want to do? Do you like working with blue-haired ladies? I personally think they’re one of the greatest people you can work with and most of them trust.

In fact, there are some great articles that were recently posted on Financial, about the fact that widows and women are the best target market to go after, especially with what WealthVest does and what you all do because what the solution you provide is exactly what they need. You’re not hocking them with something that they don’t need. You’re providing them with a great solution, but we need to make sure we know who we’re presenting that solution to, and Facebook wants you know this. Facebook wants you to be prepared before you get blundering around on their website, because you know what, it’s really, really powerful when you can focus your marketing efforts in the right direction.

So, everything has to be optimized too and then we’re going to flip over to Facebook and I’m going to walk you through how to do the ad. But optimization is a must. I know you guys can’t raise your hands, you can’t raise your hand with the webinar system but that’s not what I want.

What I want you to do is I want you to sit back in your chair in your office and I want you to raise your hands if you have ever clicked on something on your smart phone, your Ipad, your Nexis Tablet, your new Windows Surface or whatever you all have, right – or even your Blackberry. You click on something and it takes forever to load on your mobile device. It drives you crazy. It drives me crazy and I’ll say, ok it’s not worth my time.

The thing is, we’ve actually got real data that says, people won’t do it for more than five seconds. So wherever, you’re directing the person, you have to make sure that it’s optimized for mobile devices. So, if I get an email or I’m on Facebook, which is what the situation is; I’m on Facebook and I notice that there’s an ad. It’s a great ad and it talks about retirement solutions or income solutions and man, I’m freaking out about this, because you know the market’s been screaming straight up but right before it screamed up, it dropped like 300 points, so whatever; I’m going to click on that ad and it better open up.

You have to have a good landing page. So when I click on that ad, I wanted to do a couple of different things. I want people to stay within Facebook for one click potentially, but I’d also like them to go from that Facebook page and understand very easily that they want to land on this. So, this screen right here and then we’re going to flip over to Facebook; this screen right here is my AdvisorDeck page. Because I have a relationship with WealthVest and I’ve been consulting on the AdvisorDeck product for a really long time, I was given the gift of actually being able to mess with this because it’s very important.

But look at what happens. They click on this link, so I’m going to go ahead and advertise this post, specifically, is what we’re going to do on Facebook. They get to this post, they click on it and kerblamo, this is what shows up.

This is my coaching company and I actually kind of merge some stuff here because I was trying to show the practical applicability to all of you. For instance, it’s got my company name. It’s got my tagline, “Don’t be a clone, become your own.” That’s what Top Advisor is all about. But here’s the deal, will you outlive your savings? Don’t worry about the headers and stuff up here, but this is what your company name is.

It’s called Heritage Financial Services. Your tagline is “We Connect Your Money With Your Values,” or whatever, and you can use that if you want. They say, “Oh my gosh, will I outlive my savings? Well, I don’t know. But man, this Heritage Company really seems to know what they’re talking about.” So, I’m going to actively fill out my name, email, phone number and zip code, and then all of a sudden, I get that as a warm lead, everybody.

Oh my gosh, so many people want to do the mailing, the 10,000 people and follow-up calls and all of these different things. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for that but it’s not incredibly efficient. We’re talking about incredibly efficient marketing here. So, this is how it all works.

When you’re on Facebook all of you need to have a personal page to be able to set up your business page. It’s very important for us to be very clear with this, so for those of you who aren’t on Facebook yet, that’s step one. I don’t care who sees that page. It just has to be in place.

In fact, I’m going to highly recommend, especially with the new things that just came out, like with what Instagram is doing. For those of you who don’t know what Instagram is, Instagram is a photo program that you can use on your phone. They’re talking about, even without your consent, getting access to all of your Instagram photos and be able to sell those photos to make money for Instagram and you don’t get dime one.

There are great privacy settings on Facebook that you really have to pay attention to. I’m not going to walk you through that today, because that’s a whole other webinar, to be able to walk to be able to walk through security, but after you set up your Facebook page, you can publish it. Because this is personal, you do not ever post anything about anything business related on your personal Facebook page but that’s step number one.

How do you get to advertising? What you’re going to do, you’re going click on here, which is a nice little dropdown. You see you have a whole bunch of different Facebook business pages. I’m going to go down here to advertise on Facebook and I click on that. That’s what brings me to this page. So, I’m going to start creating my ads. I’m going to click on ‘Create an ad’. So, here’s the bomb of all bombs. You can have this go directly to that page that I just showed you, which is this. It doesn’t even have to stay within Facebook. You can have it stay within Facebook, but it doesn’t have to.

In fact, what I’m going to do, for those of you who are involved with Advisor Deck, and by the way, they have a free version of it. People just sign up. Goodness, gracious, it’s free. You can just get this stuff set up on the premium version. I use the premium version for this thing right here. You can use this and then all of a sudden, I’m going to have that be my URL. But due to the fact that I actually don’t have my AdvisorDeck page up right now, just for right now, I’m going to do my Facebook page. You’re not going to do that, but you’re going to use a different URL.

You know what, in fact, I’m going to, just for giggles, I’m going to do that.
I’m going to do this because I think it’s important for me to show all of this to you guys. If I can make sure – I’m going to log in here. There’s the AdvisorDeck page. Make sure that you do that. Oh, goodness, gracious, I’m already in. Here are my offers. There it is right there.

So, will I outlive my savings? And then here’s the link, right. Kerblamo. So, I’m going to steal this link. If you see, it is my unique link here. will you outlive your savings.

So, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to go back here and I’m going to actually use that as my URL, because I think it would be cool for you guys to all see that. So, there it is.

So, now what I’m going to do is I’m going to start building the ad and look, oh my gosh, it even poured it over. See this is how sweet is AdvisorDeck is everybody. I even poured it over and eye catching image.

Now, I can upload a new image. Like I want to put this here, and I want it to be my company logo, right. I can do that from here. In fact, let me see what my image library is. Yea, like I own Greater Investment Via Endowment, so I’m going to put the logo there. Let’s see what happens here. Oh look, it even customizes it. “Will you outlive your savings?”

So, what I need to do is – Facebook is very specific about how many characters you can have. So, like I can put “Are you going to outlive your…?” How about this. “Outlive your savings concern?” I went over the limit. “Outlive your savings.” Let’s do that. And then, you know I have a lot more characters here. I have 25 characters left, so “Some are afraid they will outlive their savings. Are you?”

Bam, woo-hoo, look at that! What the cool thing was, was the way that AdvisorDeck has actually set up these pages that you can emulate, so I wouldn’t have to do any of that stuff. I could have made a couple of very minor edits and it would have been just fine. I’m going to personalize this a little bit because I want to have a very, very specific direction that I want to have here.

Now, here’s the other cool thing. One of the neat things about this that I’m working on here is I’m putting the destination ad as my link. Now, if you were doing it with Facebook, then they are a lot of other complexities and compliances you’re going to like, like testimonial stories and showing people who like it and all of that is a compliance nightmare. I’ve simplified all of that by using my AdvisorDeck link, that’s provided for me by using that system, to be able to draw people directly from that ad to where I’m going.

Now is where we start getting with the laser focus. This is really, really, really important. Remember, at the beginning of the presentation, I talked about what is your target demographic. Look, this is exactly what their target demographics are. This is going to tell you what your target demographic is and you need to figure this out.

Now, as you can see right now, there’s 169 million people who are on Facebook right now, who live in the United States. But we’re going to try to get a little bit more specific. Like let’s say I’m going to only be working with people who are only in Michigan and that dropped it down to a whopping five million.

Now, I’m going to talk to you very specifically about what I want this number to look like. Because, to be really honest, I want this to be in my area. Now, I live in Portage, Michigan. Now, I can add zip codes, 4809. I could do 4908. All of you know these zip codes, and if you specifically want to target one of the wealthier zip codes, if you’re in a larger area of the country, that’s very, very smart.

For this situation, I’m actually going to bump it back down to 49024 because it is one of the better zip codes in this area and that’s what we’re going to focus on. Now, we can adjust all of this because I want to get this number here down. I don’t want to work with age 13 year olds. I want to work with people who are 55 and above.

Now, I want this number around 5,000. In fact, it could even be better. I could make it so I’m going to target this to 55-64 year olds, and this is going to get me right around the same thing, which is fine, right around 5,000 because that means I’d be able to target this directly to about 5,000 people and look how much it’s going to cost me, nothing.

Now, this is per click, mind you. This isn’t impression. I want to just digress very quickly to explain the difference. So, what this means right now is that my ad, which I just showed you up here, “Some are afraid they will outlive their retirement or their savings. Are you?” So every time a person whose age is 55-64 is, who live in 49204, which is Portage, Michigan, log onto their Facebook page, my ad is going to show up on that page. Not every time, but we can be more specific. If they click on that ad, I’m going to be charged anywhere from a $1.12 to $2.94 per click, and this is the maximum I’m willing to pay per click.

I recommend that you go on the high-end of this because there will be other people who are competing for these people and the higher your suggested bid max is, means it’s going to show up on more people’s pages but do not have to pay unless they click on it. Now here’s the other super neat thing. Now, I’m a big fan of this, is the whole idea of maybe I want to focus on a very specific group of people.

Let’s say I’m bilingual and I want to focus specifically on Hispanic people. Or for instance, I want people who are small business owners. Wow, that really lowered my thing. Let’s say, I also want to work with real estate agents, doctors in the area. Let’s see, technology, early adopters, it really keeps me really low. So that’s probably not as many people as I want, but I do really want to focus on baby boomers. So, that really just bumped me up a whole bunch. So, as of right now, I have selected baby boomers who love real estate, science and technology, and who are small business owners.

Now, I don’t know about any of you but that’s an ideal client to go after. That’s a fantastic group of people, especially for what we’re talking about here, right, which is, “Will you outlive your savings?” Man, as a business owner, I’m terrified at some point I’m going to outlive my savings or I’m not going to put enough in and I’m not going to be able to retire.

This is so incredibly powerful. So now I just labeled it right under 5,000, which was the target I want you to go for and these are people who’ve identified themselves as these people. So, again, I’m narrowing my demographic even more powerfully so that I know exactly who’s clicking on my ads because I can be a lot more specific. So you know what, just for giggles, I want to see what happens. I want to take these down.

Now, look at that. We’re in the category of small business and we’re in the category of baby boomers. Man, so, I know that one of two things is going to happen, and these aren’t mutually exclusive, so you can think of your Venn Diagram here. There are going to be some overlap in these two circles, right. There’s going to be people who are baby boomers and people who are small business owners, who I’m targeting and some of them are going to overlap, but they all have to be ages of 55 and above.

Man, people, look at how laser focused this is and it’s so incredibly powerful to be able to get directly to them. Now, what I’m going to do, is I’m going to figure out what my campaign budget is. The time zone doesn’t really matter. I happen to be in the Eastern time zone and I’m in the United States. I’m going to be using the US dollars. I’m not going to be using the Swiss Franc or the Euro, but here’s what I need you to consider.

You can put a daily budget or a lifetime budget on here. So, let’s say you’ve got $500 to blow on this. This is your Christmas gift. So, you’re going to take $500 and instead of buying the new iPad with a 32 gig with the retinal display, you’re going to actually try to build your business next year – by the way, I’m sure you can guess which one I would recommend as a coaching consultant, for you to do. Take $500, set it aside, and put this down as your lifetime budget. Then what you do is it will run until it hits that limit or you can do a daily budget.

Personally, I like daily budget and the reason why I like daily budgets, and the reason why I like daily budgets is because then, I’m going to know if there’s other days of the week or if on Wednesdays, I need to go in, I need to up my budget from $20 to $25 because more people are on Facebook.

You know, at that time, which by the way, that’s on weekends. Just so you know, on Saturday morning, if you’re going to do this yourself, wake up really, really early, which hopefully, most of you do. Then go to your Facebook account and on that campaign budget, up it on a Saturday morning and a Sunday because that’s when most people in this demographic; 93% of people who are on Facebook, most of them are on Facebook in the evenings and on the weekends. It just makes sense.

Now, if all you have an assistant, and you know your assistant is on Facebook all day long, mark it anyway. Go ahead and put here; look, suggested bid. Now, here’s the cool thing. It says, how many people are competing to show the ad, the higher the bid’s going to be, and the more opportunities you’re going to have for that to be shown. I will always go on the high side. I always go on the high side, every single, solitary time.

Now, here’s the other thing. I run my ad continuously starting today. Now none of you can do this unless you are using a compliance archiving opportunity, and even then, you’re not going to run your ads starting today because you need to get all of this approved through your Compliance Department. But here’s the super neat thing everybody, and I just absolutely love this. Facebook wants you to be successful. There’s all this super cool little tips that you can see all over the place and you can do cost per 1,000 click impressions, which is not what I’m going to recommend. I want you to do cost per click. That means, once again, they have to click on the ad and then they’re going to show up on that page, kerblamo, and then they’re going to give me their information.

I talk about self-selecting prospects all the time because I think it’s important for you to give them enough opportunity to get out as you can, one or two opportunities, right? So, clicking on the ad, that’s one opportunity for them. Here’s your second opportunity, because the people who actually fill this stuff out, everybody, are real, live people, who truly want your information. That’s what we call an inbound, warm lead.

This is what all of you, who have been waiting for, for years and some of you have paid so much money to get it and there’s a much more cost effective way to do it and that’s not only through AdvisorDeck, but also being able to work through advertising on Facebook.

So due to the fact I’m actually not going to make this ad live, I’m not going to go ahead and click on this. But it’s interesting, here it says, “By clicking Place Order, which I’m not placing a new order yet. Let’s just go ahead and click this here and so, I’m not ordering it yet. Here’s my place order. But here it shows what the ad looks like, here’s my target, and what you can do is, you can have this focused, very, very specifically and send this sheet to Compliance, even though this sheet here is much more effective for you to give to Compliance because they are going to see absolutely everything.

So, you take a screenshot of this and you send it to your Compliance Department and have them get all warm and fuzzy about it. Tell them that you need – you can’t say afraid, you have to say terrified and that’s the word you have to use because God only knows why Compliance does what they do.

So, where it’s going to show up – and now I’m going to go ahead and bring you to my Facebook page very quickly. Is it’s going to show up over here on the side. Look, sponsored ads.

It’s absolutely fantastic. So, if you are ages 55-64, if you are baby boomer as identified by and you’re a small business owner, you’re going to click on my ad and it’s going to take you here where you’re going to fill out your name, email, telephone number and zip code to be able to get more information about what’s going on.

I want you to understand that it’s very, very important for you to spend time on the things that you’re the best at, not blow a bunch of time on things that you’re not good at.

With that, I want to bring Dana on. Dana, are you there?

Dana Mahoney: I am.

Matt Halloran: Fantastic. So, I want everybody to understand, Dana and I work very, very closely on this with Heather and their whole team and they’re unbelievable here at WealthVest. I am so absolutely impressed with their level of professionalism. They’re fun people to work with. They like to joke with you, but also they get the work done. So, not only can you actually get to know somebody who is a good person in general, but they provide great quality services.

So, when we are talking about this webinar, Dana and I were going back and forth and I said, “Dana, okay, I know I’m here from the consultant level and I do these sorts of one on one consulting services. In fact, I’ve got one later today after this webinar, with the company but here’s the big picture. What is the biggest issue Dana, that you’re seeing from people who are attending these webinars and who are calling and emailing in afterwards? What are you hearing?

Dana Mahoney: You know Matt, folks want to take part in what we call comprehensive integrated marketing and all of the things that we continue to address on our webinars with you, but they have time constraints. They’d rather be going out there and building their business. And there’s an element of it, no matter how simple we make it, Facebook makes it, and LinkedIn makes it; it is complicated. And so, those are the things that people ask and continue to ask us, is, “Can we help them?” And the answer is yes.

Matt Halloran: And the answer is yes. So tell us a little bit about that please. And I want everybody to understand, give this to yourself as a Christmas present. Dear God, Christmas is almost a week away. This is a great opportunity for you to do something and spend some extra money, so you don’t have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year. Dana, tell me a little bit about what you can do for them to be able to help them truly implement the social media strategy in 2013.

Dana Mahoney: Sure. So, again, I go back to this concept of comprehensive integrative marketing. It is what we do. I am the Vice President of Marketing for WealthVest. What I do on an enterprise level, I can bring to you as a producer, as an advisor. And Matt, you are in control, so I’m hoping you can actually help me continue to advance the screen.
We will share this brochure with folks after the call. But basically, we believe in the power of hitting it on all cylinders. So, it involves a website. It involves social media marketing. It involves direct mail. It involves branding. It involves really doing all those things for yourself and your business, so that you are operating in much the same way as I operate for our enterprise and organization as a whole. So based on what we’ve heard, and the education that we’ve been able to provide and share with people, with folks like Matt, who’s been unbelievable is that people still have time constraints. They still are somewhat weary of doing it and we’re here to help.

What we can offer you with WealthVest Creative Services, is a whole, laundry list of services to help you. We can help you with your branding. We can help you with your identity. We can help you with your direct marketing efforts. We can help you design your website with AdvisorDeck, get it launched, link it to your social media account. We can help you with your social media management and what that means, it’s actually going in and helping you set up your social media accounts, and if you have them set up, we will help you optimize and then link them.

And then help you create what we call a social media or a content calendar where we can go out and push content on a daily basis out to your website, out to your social media site. We can help you with everything, from email marketing to lead capture, so that when you’re doing all these things at the end of the day, what Matt has shared with you, is it’s great to go out and send your message. That you have the basket to collect the leads and the interests from folks, so that you know how to follow-up, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Matt, as this is going on, we’re getting tons and tons of questions and I’m trying to answer them simultaneously.

Matt Halloran: Okay, we’ll get to those questions in just one second. You said something that I think is really, really important. I don’t know if a lot of people know about it. We call it search engine optimization. One of the ways that Google, Bing, Yahoo, everything finds you and will put you on the first couple of pages, because as you know, if you’re not on the first couple of pages, you don’t exist, is fresh, new content, and regular fresh new content.

Cameron Nordholm, the guy who created AdvisorDeck and I are friends and we were joking around one day and we were brainstorming – I love brainstorming, and I said, “Man, Cameron, you know this content library, you guys have created of already approved content is so incredibly powerful. He laughed and said, “You know Matt, our goal is to be the iTunes of content.” I said, “Man, you’ve got to tell everybody that. Because you can go in and some of it costs money but it’s not expensive and it’s pre-approved and worth it, oh, my gosh.” So, having that fresh, new content coming up on a regular basis, is incredibly powerful.

I know a lot of you already have web pages, but I’m going to be a jerk here and tell you that most of them suck everybody. You know it, in your heart of hearts. Create a good, intriguing, well thought out website and that’s something that AdvisorDeck can help you with.

So, let’s start taking some questions. We only have about 19/18 minutes left, so what have you got for me?

Dana Mahoney: Sure, and actually Matt, this one kind of relates back to the point you just made here. It is, “How does an independent financial advisor get the most out of Facebook on a limited budget and stay within FINRA guidelines,” and that’s where I’ going to ask you to also address the fact too, that all of our content that we use is FINRA approved.

Matt Halloran: That’s the best thing you can possibly do. So, what you need in a low cost situation, in a budget situation and honestly, everybody here on this call can find the amount of money to do this. You can probably find it in that really nice suit that you were wearing a little while ago or by cutting back on lattes. I mean, there’s all sorts of ways to be able to find the right money because this is not an option anymore.

Everybody 2013, is the year for social media integration and adoption, just so all of you know. Everything is kind of settled from FINRA. This is the year people are going to be hitting this hard, and you need to be one of those people because I want you to be an early adopter. But what Dana’s saying there is that this stuff is pre-approved. So what you do, is all you have to do is provide them with the Compliance approval number and see this stuff – everything I’m presenting is…. And here’s the other cool thing, and Dana, I forgot to say this, I apologize.

The AdvisorDeck platform as that hub, so when I post through these pre-populated, pre-approved posts, as Dana was just saying, there is something called PageFreezer that’s built in that archives everything for you. So, if you do get audit, it’s a couple of clicks away and you can provide those wonderfully pleasant people who come to your office to do your audit, everything they need to look at and then you’re covered because it’s pre-approved.

Dana Mahoney: Correct. And Matt to that point, PageFreezer is great for financial advisors and great for agents, as well right. So, it’s a really useful tool. It actually really doesn’t even matter if you’re an agent or an advisor. I realize advisors are required, but it’s really nice to have, really important to have for an agent as well.

Matt Halloran: Absolutely Dana, if you’re an agent, if you’re totally independent, if you have your own general agency; whatever title you say that you are – I really lump the agents into advisors because I truly do think that with the advice that you give, is on par with anything else but you have to cover your butt. The whole CYA, that’s what you need to do. That’s what PageFreezer helps with. Alright, next question.

Dana Mahoney: Alright. Let’s see. I’m sorry, there’ so many that I’m trying to go through.

“How can I really address my business in the social media arena without coming off as aggressive or trying to be too salespersony? I think they’re asking about being too salesy.

Matt Halloran: So, what you want to do is – well, gosh, I’m going to sound like a broken record here. That’s what the fresh, new content is. When people engage with you on social media, they’re engaging with you for conversation. You need to have a conversation with people. So you need to put out thought provoking things. Are you trying to sell them something? Well, they know that people because they’re going to Like your page and they’re going to be involved with you on social media.

You don’t need to go ahead and – in fact, on social media, I’ve seen people do really hard, Zig Zigler-y, sort of really used car salesman sales techniques and they still get 700/800 people who like the posts. So, don’t be afraid to ask for business because here’s the deal.

First off, and I apologize for the digression here because this might take a second. You’re not sales people. Yes, you are, but if you think you’re a salesperson, you’re shooting yourself in the foot right off the bat.

You provide solutions to people who need it and here’s the kicker. Ten thousand people are available and up for the ability to retire every day. You guys are not even scratching the surface of people who need your help, and if you think you’re going to come across as being too salesy, then I personally think you need to rethink your entire presentation because you need to be a solution provider, which I believe you are.

You need to put yourself on par with the estate planning attorneys and CPAs. They’re professionally trained people because you’re the one who’s helping these people with something that’s very, very important, their financial health. Sorry about the tirade there. I’m a little passionate about that.

Dana Mahoney: Matt, there’s one that I actually answered privately, but I think it’s actually important for you to reiterate. “Do you get charged only if they complete your contact form or do you get charged when they click?”

Matt Halloran: Click. Oh, that’s a great question. Thank you. You get charged when they click to get to the contact form.

Dana Mahoney: Another great one, “What if you have several markets, i.e. life, annuities and health. Do you need or recommend separate websites for social media marketing?

Matt Halloran: Absolutely. Again, we want specific messages to go to specific people at the right time. So if you’re going to be working with life, health, and annuities, your annuity people are going to be one message, your life people are going to be one message, and your health people are going to be another message.

That’s another neat thing about the AdvisorDeck platform, is you can set up multiple pages. In fact, if you go back to my AdvisorDeck account here. Look, see my offers? I can have lots and lots of different offers here. I can have different landing pages that people can go to take a look at this, and that’s very, very powerful. That’s one of the reasons why I truly think that this is just an amazing solution for you and then you can tailor your message.

Let’s say something happens within the life insurance market that is groundbreaking. Well, I don’t want everybody to know about that. I want to tell that to the people who want to hear the message.

Dana Mahoney: Another important one to reiterate here Matt. “Do I understand why I must have a personal Facebook page with my business page?” I deleted my personal Facebook page due to ongoing online chit-chat, gossip, etc. between friends.

Matt Halloran: The answer is here, you’re not supposed to, but you need to. This is what I recommend that you do. When you set up your Facebook page again, just lock it down. There are ways when you are setting up a new personal page to do that, where it’s only going to be by invite only, it’s not going to be searchable by the general public, and all of those things. Facebook had to come up with new privacy things. Just lock the page down.

You don’t have to befriend all of your old high school boyfriends or girlfriends on Facebook. You don’t have to do that, but you have to have the Facebook presence there, and here’s why. Because Facebook wants to be able to advertise to you. That’s the reason why it needs to be there.

Dana Mahoney: What words or phrases should one avoid in Facebook marketing?

Matt Halloran: Oh, wow. What a magnificent question. Any word that is going to be a compliance hot button: Guarantee, proven…

Dana Mahoney: Agents should avoid the word investment, for example.

Matt Halloran: Yes, anything that – you guys all know what these things are. Anything that’s on that compliance hot list that you’ve gotten your hand slapped before or you know somebody that’s gotten their hand slapped; don’t put it on there. Especially if you’re an agent. This is the best investment solution. Whole Life Insurance is the greatest vehicle ever made. I personally think it’s common sense like that, so, if you know that compliance is going to shrug their nose at it, if you get audited, then you need to make sure that you’re covering your butt there.

Dana Mahoney: This kind of dovetails in on that last question, Matt. “What are the compliance no-no’s that can easily get someone reported for making a simple mistake mentioning something they shouldn’t.”

I think that actually addressed it, but don’t know if you want to just sort of add a couple points to that.

Matt Halloran: I do want to add a couple of points, because, what AdvisorDeck has created, there’s going to be a lot of copycats in the near future. Probably by this time next year, there’ll be a couple of other people who are going to be potentially offering roughly the same thing that AdvisorsDeck. But you have to understand that AdvisorDeck’s got a year head start on everybody. So, where AdvisorDeck’s going to be next year, is going to be a year ahead of anybody else that you might have access to it.

That’s why I think that pre-approved compliance stuff – when you saw the first time I pulled that ad in from that URL, Facebook populated the subject line in the text already for me. That stuff is pre-approved, PRE-approved. So, don’t over think a lot of this everybody, lean on the people who’ve already done the work for you.

That’s the most powerful things that all of you can do to bring yourself to be a top advisor, to be at the next level, is to make it so you’re leaning on the people who truly can do what you need to be done better than you could do it. That’s why I think what Dana has created, with the whole comprehensive integrative marketing program and also what AdvisorDeck has, I just think it’s really worth the money.

Dana Mahoney: Okay Matt, a couple more here. “Does having a Facebook page make a difference to my clients? What is the most valuable social media tool for the advisor, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter?”

Matt Halloran: I get asked that question all the time, so I happen to be very partial, and I love that question because I think it’s really important for you to know your audience and know your client base. So, go through your contact management system and, if you have a whole bunch of people within one company, LinkedIn’s the place to be. Again, if you are a 401k rollover specialist, LinkedIn is the place to be.

If you are a demographic based, like ages 45-70, or anything along those lines, then you really do need to focus very specifically on Facebook. We can talk about Twitter at another time. There’s a time and a place for Twitter. I think it’s very, very powerful, but I think it’s even more powerful to use Facebook. Because again, 93% of adults are on Facebook.

Dana Mahoney: A couple of other questions here Matt. “What do you recommend is the starting budget for social media?”

Matt Halloran: A great, great question. Personally, I think that you could easily drop $250 a month on this without really breaking the bank. You all can find $250 a month. I guarantee you’re spending $250 a month doing something else, that’s not working for you instead of using $250 a month that you could be using for something like this.

Now, I want to preface that also by saying, if there’s something going on in the media, which I know AdvisorDeck has got some great things for too, but let’s say it has something to do with the Fiscal Cliff or about taxes. Wow! Well, since right now that’s front and center of everybody’s mind, putting an ad out that talks about taxes instead of income per say, would get you a lot more attention and I would up your budget.

We all know that January and February are not the greatest times to do prospecting, so you know what, I would put a lower budget in January and February. We know that people are starting to get back into the swing of things in March; hit it hard in March. March, April, May, June and again, it’s summertime. Lower your ad budget down, but I think you could easily do $250 a month with no problem and get a good rate of return.

Dana Mahoney: Okay, the last two, Matt. “As life insurance specialists, how do we build a following presence on Facebook?” Ads seem to do okay, but they didn’t catch any business. And I think that tells with the comprehensive, integrated marketing, right, Matt. So I’m going to pass it to you.

Matt Halloran: Dana, you want to answer that because, I mean…

Dana Mahoney: Well, I would love to because I think the answer is that Facebook; social media marketing is like I said, it’s one arrow in the quiver and I think that the advisors, the producers, the agents that we know that have the level of success use comprehensive integrated marketing.

They have a website with lead capture ability. They are posting FINRA approved content to their website and to their social. They’re doing direct mail. Some are even still hosting seminars or different events. Their branding is in line with their target audience and what they want to represent. So, I think it’s important to look and see that again, it’s about hitting it on all cylinders and using it as part of the quiver.

Matt Halloran: Yes m ‘am. I could not have said it better myself.

Dana Mahoney: Finally, I guess we have a point of clarification. There’s some late breaking news, Matt. Apparently Instagram reversed it’s stance yesterday and said that all user content is their content and not for resale or distribution. That came out yesterday.

Matt Halloran: Oh my gosh, that came out yesterday? Man, that must have been really late because I was still diving into that, so thank you for whomever posted that.

Dana Mahoney: So, anyway, that was from one of the folks on the webinar. They just shared that with me, so I thought I’d share that.

And Matt, as always, I’m going to pass this back to Matt Sawyer, but thank you for joining us. It’s always fun. It’s always informative.

For everybody on the call, we’d love to help you with this in any capacity, as it may be overwhelming or something you’d like hand over to us just to save you time. And again thank you.

Matt Sawyer, back to you.

Matt Sawyer: Thank you Dana. I almost want to say I don’t even know where to close after that. I mean incredible information. The timing couldn’t be better, you know closing out the year and looking at what we’re going to do next year.

I guess what I’ll do is I’ll close with some words from one of my favorite National Sales Managers, as we reach this point every single year. I call it my words that to live by.

It goes kind of something like this. He would’ve said, “Folks, today is December 19th, and in 12 days from today, we will all start over at zero, so, on Wednesday, January 2nd, we all start over.”

He would say something like, “Take the next 12 days to reflect and recharge, but spend it planning as well and ask yourself one important question, “What are you going to do differently next year to be more successful than you were this year?”

So, we all at WealthVest and Matt Halloran would agree, we suggest that you have to increase your online presence and you have to do so through media marketing. This is the direction that marketing is moving, and as Matt stated, this trend is going to accelerate and increase in 2013. So, you want to be an early arriver, or at least arrive in 2013.

Also, as Matt said, “Do what you do best and hire the experts to do the rest.”

We, at WealthVest Marketing, are the experts in social media. We can do it all on your behalf, and we have a group of trained professionals here in the office to do it for you.

Call us, talk to us, build your plan and decide how you’re going to integrate these processes into your marketing.

Our phone number is (877) 595-9325.

Anybody who gets appointed with WealthVest as a result of this call by the end of the year, will receive a 20% discount on any service that you chose and talk to us about how you can use your annuity production to offset the cost of these programs, whether it’s business cards or whether it’s a full turnkey website.

With that, I’m going to thank once again, everybody for taking time out of their day. Happy Holidays one and all, and we will talk to you next year.

Take care.