Google Me, The new Twitter and how financial advisors can benefit from Social Networking by Sean Browne

Welcome to my Blog Financial Advisors.  I wanted to start with some news on what’s happening in the Social Media World to help keep you up to speed.  I have been keeping an eye on three particular new stories lately that may have a big impact on social media that can effectively increase your financial […]

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The Habits of Top Achievers Part 2 of 3 by Ron Carson

Here’s Part II of what separates the top achievers from the average achievers.

6.    They are early risers.  By rising 30 minutes earlier each day, you can add two weeks to your year.  Imagine what you can do in two extra weeks.  You could spend more time with the people who are important to you.  You could […]

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Fair Tax Part 1 of 4 by Wade Dokken


Underlying all conversations about annuities is the issue of tax deferral and the marginal tax bracket for most investors.   This calculation of the value of tax deferral,  plus the acknowledgement of the exclusionary ratio (the percentage of annuitized withdrawals credited as principal or interest) represent the two key tax advantages annuities provide American savers.

This is […]

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Investors Flee Equity Market Mutual Funds by Wade Dokken

Reminiscent of the dog days of 1971-1982, investors are again fleeing equity mutual funds at a record pace.   The market recovery of the past year has proven sufficient only as a opportunity to run from equities with partial capital recovery.  According to the New York Times, on Sunday, August 22nd.

“Investors withdrew a staggering $33.12 billion […]

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What’s in a Name by Lincoln Collins

People ask me, “Why did you name your company WealthVest,  what does it mean?”

Naming a company – like naming your child – is an important early decision for your company; it’s a critical aspect of the brand, an indelible mark.  And a good name means something to your customers.  It should be emotive and help […]

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A Little Slice of Market History Part 4 by Wade Dokken


By late 1974 very little of the stock market was left in the “upper tier” and the vast majority, including a number of perfectly good companies, were in the rubble below.  When asked later about this period Warren Buffet replied, “1974 in terms of buying opportunities—that was the best period I have seen.”  Market prices […]

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A Little Slice of Market History Part 3 by Wade Dokken


“The arithmetic here is deceptively simple. If a company’s earnings will increase 15% this year, and if the P-E ratio remains unchanged, then presto! The “investment” shows a 15 percent performance, plus the small dividend. If the P-E ratio advances—as it did for Avon in almost every year–the performance becomes that much better. These results […]

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A Little Slice of Market History Part 2 by Wade Dokken


The second thing to consider with this period is intrinsic value.  Buffett saw fit to begin his 1999 Sun Valley speech on the stock market by emphasizing, “Valuing is not the same as predicting.”  The value of a stock to a shareholder is more accurately described by a company’s earnings not the expectations on price. […]

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A Little Slice of Market History Part 1 by Wade Dokken

On December 31, 1964 the Dow closed at 874.2.  Seventeen Years later on December 31, 1981 the Dow closed at 875.  Over that time period the GDP of the US grew by 370%, the sales of the Fortune 500 more than sextupled, and the Dow inched up a mere fraction of a point.

How is it […]

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