Google Me, The new Twitter and how financial advisors can benefit from Social Networking by Sean Browne

Welcome to my Blog Financial Advisors.  I wanted to start with some news on what’s happening in the Social Media World to help keep you up to speed.  I have been keeping an eye on three particular new stories lately that may have a big impact on social media that can effectively increase your financial […]

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Getting Organized!!! by Tom Hamlin

Getting, being and staying organized is at the foundation of being successful!!! Therefore if it’s not in your nature to be an organized person then you need to hire someone who is to get you there and keep you there.

Again as I’ve mentioned many times before, you need to have a great assistant to handle […]

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Next Steps! by Tom Hamlin

Facebook Fan Page is number 1 at the moment because so much can be done with it to brand, image and drive traffic.  Also, very important is YouTube and a YouTube Channel. We have been working hard on our Facebook Fan Page and next Thursday and Friday we will be taping our first videos.  Our […]

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