FIXED INDEX ANNUITIES: Investors are trying to find Increased value within Stocks: FFG, PPL, THQI

FBL Financial Group (NYSE:FFG) is a $1 billion company that underwrites, markets, and distributes life insurance of fixed and indexed annuities in the western world. For yesteryear 52 weeks, this life insurance coverage company continues to be trading between $31.45 and $19.51 having a trailing 12 month earnings per share of $3.92 and a trailing […]

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Stock Market Valuation Made Easy: Is the Market High or Low

On December 31, 1964 the Dow closed at 874.2.  Seventeen Years later on December 31, 1981 the Dow closed at 875.  Over that time period the GDP of the US grew by 370%, the sales of the Fortune 500 more than sextupled, and the Dow inched up a mere fraction of a point.


How is it possible […]

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A Little Slice of Market History Part 4 by Wade Dokken


By late 1974 very little of the stock market was left in the “upper tier” and the vast majority, including a number of perfectly good companies, were in the rubble below.  When asked later about this period Warren Buffet replied, “1974 in terms of buying opportunities—that was the best period I have seen.”  Market prices […]

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A Little Slice of Market History Part 3 by Wade Dokken


“The arithmetic here is deceptively simple. If a company’s earnings will increase 15% this year, and if the P-E ratio remains unchanged, then presto! The “investment” shows a 15 percent performance, plus the small dividend. If the P-E ratio advances—as it did for Avon in almost every year–the performance becomes that much better. These results […]

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