Here’s Part II of what separates the top achievers from the average achievers.

6.    They are early risers.  By rising 30 minutes earlier each day, you can add two weeks to your year.  Imagine what you can do in two extra weeks.  You could spend more time with the people who are important to you.  You could improve your health.  You could broaden your horizon by reading.  Early risers get a leg up on the competition and use this time to their advantage.

7.    They are health conscious.  Being a top achiever requires energy and stamina.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet will make you feel good, improve your confidence, and give you the fuel to keep going when everyone else is falling by the wayside.

8.    They know the difference between good fear and bad fear.  Good fear is the butterflies we get in our stomach before a speech or the nervousness before a big event.  It’s natural and it helps raise our pulse so we’ll be fully engaged and sharp.  It’s your ally.  Bad fear is paralyzing.  It’s worrying about things you have no control over (like the markets).  It’s defeating and it zaps your confidence.  Get rid of it.

9.    They abhor busy work.  Idle chit-chat, paper shuffling, and clerical activity will never get you closer to meeting your goals.  When top achievers are at work, they work on the tasks and activities that lead them to success.  All other activities are delegated to team members who are better suited to accomplish them.  Top achievers are clear on their objective and they eliminate the “stuff” that gets in the way.

10.    They are very organized.  We all operate with 24 hours in the day yet top achievers find ways to get more done in those 24 hours.  Their personal productivity is high because they keep their desks clean, their files organized, and they stay focused on their list of the six most important things they have to get done that day.  Staying organized is almost like a game for them.