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I had the privilege yesterday to hear Linda Larsen speak and I want to share with you two quick steps to happiness. When it comes down to it all of us simply want to be happy which is why we work the way that we do.

Step 1: Surround yourself with upbeat happy people! Look to the people in your life do they bring you joy or are they vampires which take your happiness, your energy, your money and even your time? Now we can’t drive a stake through their hearts without going to prison but we can deprive these vampires of something: your attention. Start to weave them out of your life. Ultimately all of your choices are controlled by you so start making conscious choices to avoid the vampires and seek the joyful.

Step 2: Movement. Get off the couch! Sadness and inactivity usually go hand in hand. If you are hitting a rough patch at work where your motivation is gone simply give your self the permission to go to the gym. Don’t worry your work will still be there when you get back but you will be much more energized to tackle it. You will actually be able to accomplish more. Studies have shown that humans are more productive when they are joyful.

Two steps if taken on a daily basis will increase your productivity

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