People ask me, “Why did you name your company WealthVest,  what does it mean?”

Naming a company – like naming your child – is an important early decision for your company; it’s a critical aspect of the brand, an indelible mark.  And a good name means something to your customers.  It should be emotive and help build a connection.


WealthVest was founded to offer the best fixed and fixed index annuities to provide retirement income people can depend on.  We also offer life insurance solutions to help advisors protect their clients’ financial legacy through estate planning.  The thread is that we help people Vest in their Wealth.  This comes in various forms.  Fixed and fixed index annuities provide capital protection and attractive risk adjusted interest rates even in this low interest environment.  They protect the nest egg for when it’s most needed, and after a lifetime of work to provide an income they cannot outlive.  Life insurance is an essential tool to protect your family and provides tremendous estate planning benefits.

After a decade of dramatic and painful volatility, retirees and baby-boomers are saying, “Enough.”  Those in or near retirement are less and less comfortable with the downside of equity investing because they cannot earn enough to overcome devastating market losses, which seem all to frequent.  And they’re more and more susceptible to the pitfalls of emotional investing – selling only after the markets have come down because they’re afraid of further losses.  Fixed index annuities with guaranteed withdrawal benefits help people sleep at night and meet their income needs over a long retirement.

Designed as a safe money product, fixed index annuities have proven to be a great investment.  A recent Wharton study, Real World Index Annuity Returns showed average five-year annualized fixed index annuity returns of 5.79% from 1997 – 2007.  By providing capital protection with variable upside returns, the authors concluded the fixed index annuity a new asset class for use in traditional asset allocation models.

While many advisors are already helping their clients with fixed index annuities, many more are unaware of these great products.  The vision of WealthVest is to bring the best annuities to help advisors serve their clients, to help retirees vest in their wealth so that they may enjoy a retirement worth living.