A couple of months ago I wrote Assurances vs. Insurances in my blog.  I’ve used this mantra for many years as one of the ways to describe what we do that is different from most other advisors.  I was then invited to write 1000 words for Research Magazine (AdisorOne.com) and I thought that this would be a suitable topic.

That said, I have the hard copy of the December 2010 copy of the magazine in front of me now although I’ve been unable to find it on the internet as of yet.  If you are not receiving a copy of “Research” monthly I suggest you subscribe.  I believe they will give it to you free for the first year but I don’t know if they are still doing that so you’ll have to check it out on your own.  Dr. Moshe Milevsky whom I know and who is arguably the top academic in North America on annuities has a monthly column and that alone makes it a worthwhile read.  This month I wrote the “Annuity Analytics” section of the magazine so Moshe was not in it to the best of my knowledge.

Bottom line I think that the article can be helpful for use with prospects and clients, e.g. you are involved with WealthVest and the group mentor is Thomas “Tom” Hamlin and you can leverage that with your prospects and clients etc… Clearly you are already doing at least some, “Assurances vs. Insurances” or you wouldn’t be a part of WealthTribe and I wouldn’t see your numbers coming across, for which both I and your clients are grateful. Thank You!