About Wade Dokken

WADE DOKKEN, President of WealthVest- Wade has over 30 years of financial services experience and leadership. Wade was the face of American Skandia, leading it’s sales and marketing strategy from their inception in 1988 to becoming the #1 variable annuity seller in the first quarter of 2000, and ultimately spearheaded their sale as CEO in 2003. Dokken is the author of “New Century, New Deal,” a public policy analysis of the challenges facing Social Security in the coming decades. Dokken is also a columnist at FA Magazine, providing research white papers on diverse topics such as Sustainable Withdrawal Rates, Sequence of Returns, and Portfolio Optimization.

WealthVest and Thrivent Independent kick off partnership

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A Client’s Perspective on Best Interest White Paper

Although most financial professionals have always operated under the standard that a client’s needs must always come before their own, going forward, it will be the law whenever the financial professional works with qualified assets.

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Sustainable Withdrawal Rates-2016

The 4% rule gained popularity in 1994, when financial adviser and MIT graduate William Bengen attempted to answer a question brought to him by a number of clients: “How much can I spend in retirement without running out of money?” This groundbreaking whitepaper looks at modern stock and bond valuations to project the safe withdrawal […]

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Retirement Realities Brochure

WealthVest surveyed over 1,300 Americans, age 45 and over, to better understand risk tolerances and investment approaches. This white paper includes discoveries about investors’ attitudes towards investment risk, misconceptions about stock and bond market returns, and opportunities to build portfolios that are better suited to match risk risk tolerances and objectives.

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Social Media Survey Infographic

WealthVest recently completed the largest known study examining how financial professionals are using social media in their practice. This nationwide study reached over 1,100 financial professionals across the wirehouse, banking, advisory and insurance sectors. The complete findings from this study were published in the January 2016 issue of FA Magazine and can be found within […]

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Economic Writer and Policy Analyst, Stephen Moore, Gives an Economic Update

Stephen Moore, gives an overview of the global economy and the general state of economic growth in the United States while reflecting on politics and the campaign season ahead. (32 min.)

Stephen Moore on the economy

Stephen Moore Interview Full Text
Wade: This is a huge call today. We have over 300 people registered for our call today, […]

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Good Employment News

Twice a month Gallup polls approximately 30,000 adults on unemployment. This survey is Not Seasonally Adjusted (NSA).

Before I get to the data, this is a reminder that the employment series really needs a seasonal adjustment.

Every year, even in good employment years, the U.S. economy loses 2.5 to 3.0 million payroll jobs (net) in January.

This is […]

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Genworth Financial Downgraded

Due to higher loss at the U.S. Mortgage Insurance segment as well as weak results at Retirement and Protection and at International, we are downgrading Genworth Financial (GNW – Analyst Report) to Underperform.

Genworth’s mortgage insurance business is experiencing losses as a result of the stressed economic conditions combined with elevated unemployment rates. Though the overall […]

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Wellness and Wealth Run Neck-and-Neck on New Year’s Resolutions Lists-Allianz Life

Yep — it’s that time again, time to start pondering what life changes you’d like to tackle next year. And few things inspire more resolution setting among Americans than their desire to have more money — and less weight.

Allianz Life insurance Company recently revealed the results of its second annual New Year’s Resolution Survey, in […]

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Stock Market Valuation Made Easy: Is the Market High or Low

On December 31, 1964 the Dow closed at 874.2.  Seventeen Years later on December 31, 1981 the Dow closed at 875.  Over that time period the GDP of the US grew by 370%, the sales of the Fortune 500 more than sextupled, and the Dow inched up a mere fraction of a point.


How is it possible […]

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