1040 Tax Guide

WealthVest has put together the following kit to help guide advisors in lessening their client’s tax burden as well as understanding their clients’ investments better. This tool is meant to be used with advisor’s clients and their client’s tax advisor as a way of determining when and how a tax-deferred investment may make sense for […]

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Bear Market Insurance

Bear markets often catch investors unaware. This whitepaper examines many historical bear markets and looks at their impact on portfolios, the time required to recoup losses and the market valuations at their respective peaks. The whitepaper also identifies current market valuations coming into 2019. Throughout the whitepaper, fixed index annuities are identified as a way […]

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A Client’s Perspective on Best Interest White Paper

Although most financial professionals have always operated under the standard that a client’s needs must always come before their own, going forward, it will be the law whenever the financial professional works with qualified assets.

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Sustainable Withdrawal Rates-2016

The 4% rule gained popularity in 1994, when financial adviser and MIT graduate William Bengen attempted to answer a question brought to him by a number of clients: “How much can I spend in retirement without running out of money?” This groundbreaking whitepaper looks at modern stock and bond valuations to project the safe withdrawal […]

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Retirement Realities Brochure

WealthVest surveyed over 1,300 Americans, age 45 and over, to better understand risk tolerances and investment approaches. This white paper includes discoveries about investors’ attitudes towards investment risk, misconceptions about stock and bond market returns, and opportunities to build portfolios that are better suited to match risk risk tolerances and objectives.

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Social Media Survey Infographic

WealthVest recently completed the largest known study examining how financial professionals are using social media in their practice. This nationwide study reached over 1,100 financial professionals across the wirehouse, banking, advisory and insurance sectors. The complete findings from this study were published in the January 2016 issue of FA Magazine and can be found within […]

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Timing Risk

Sequence of Return risk, or Timing Risk, is the concept that not only are your annual returns important – but the sequence in which you experience these returns is critically important. Retirees may experience a 9% average annual return during their retirement years, but a major early loss can dramatically change their golden years. This […]

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Portfolio Optimization

Modern portfolio theory seeks to find the highest possible return for a given level of risk. Uncertainty about the future of interest rates has many advisors rethinking traditional investment strategies. This whitepaper analyzes 65 years of stock and bond market data to understand how fixed index annuities can be used to optimize a portfolio’s risk […]

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