WealthVest and Thrivent Independent kick off partnership

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Protect the Important Things

As members of the insurance industry, we are in the business of protecting our clients from risk. Recently we took a look at some of the annual risks that we face (and insure against).

Fires are a pretty common fear for many homeowners. However, information from the National Fire Protection Association reveals that there were 387,000 […]

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Retirement Fears

In March 2015, WealthVest conducted two large surveys to better understand how pre-retirees, and retirees, feel about retirement. Below are two questions taken from these surveys.

We asked 1,340 Americans, age 45 and and over, the following question:

What amount of your retirement investments are you comfortable losing?

0% – 54.78%

5% – 20.60%

10% – 16.34%

15% – 3.88%

20% – […]

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The 4% Rule – International Success Rates

What is the 4% rule?
The 4% rule gained popularity in 1994, when financial adviser and MIT graduate William Bengen attempted to answer a question brought to him by a number of clients: “How much can I spend in retirement without running out of money?”1.

Bengen looked at U.S. historical data going back to 1926 in order to answer […]

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Six Costly Retirement-Saving Setbacks and How to Overcome Them

Original article by Jane Bennett Clark.

Scenario 1: Your path to retirement is wide, gently sloped, paved with good intentions and free of potholes–including market declines, job loss and health problems.

Scenario 2: Your path to retirement is steep, littered with obstacles and fraught with perils, including procrastination and the temptation to raid your accounts to finance […]

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The Top Five Concerns Advisors Have About Social Media

Last week, we held a webinar that introduced a portal so you can post meaningful, fresh, geo-tagged content, prompting some great questions from advisors.

(Check out Mr. Halloran’s list of 10 Critical Social Media Tips for Advisors)

There were immediate questions about broker-dealers and how they regulate the use of social media. Most big broker-dealers have instituted […]

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Marketing Exchange with Ted Williamson

Matt Sawyer interviews Ted Williamson to identify and explain some of the major retirement roadblocks facing baby boomers today.

Marketing Exchange with Ted Williamson

Matt: Hello everyone and thank you for visiting wealthvest.com.

Today we begin a series of broadcasts designed to identify and explain some of the major retirement roadblocks facing baby boomers today.  You know, the […]

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Your real-time case status, now on our website

We are excited to add a new agent service feature to our Dashboard. This feature will provide you with a portal to information that you access daily – the real time status of your cases, appointments and licensing. Once you login to the Dashboard, you will see four new links:

Case status: view all of your […]

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Industry Branding Trends

Rob Brinkman interviews Ted Williamson about branding trends in the industry and how top advisors are defining themselves.
Rob Brinkman and Ted Williamson
Rob Brinkman: Good morning, everybody. This is Rob Brinkman, national sales manager with WealthVest. I was going to interview Ted Williamson and do a podcast training for our own internal training here at WealthVest, […]

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Marketing Exchange with Aaron Freeman

Matt Sawyer interviews Aaron Freeman regarding his financial advisory practice and a key fixed-index annuity case.

Matt Sawyer and Aaron Freeman Interview

Matt Sawyer: Hello everyone and thank you for visiting wealthvest.com. My name is Matt Sawyer, and I’m the Vice President of Sales here at WealthVest Marketing.

The purpose of these postings is to recognize our top-producing […]

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