Secondary Market Income Annuities

The Combination to Higher Yields
If you are looking for an opportunity to earn above average fixed income returns for a balanced portfolio or otherwise and you are in a financial position to hold an illiquid investment with a specific income structure, consider a Secondary Market Income Annuity (SMIA). Depending on the structure and duration of […]

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Today’s Low-Interest Environment Drives Investor Interest in the Secondary Market

Today, in, there was an article illustrating the increasing interest in products with higher yields, such as secondary market income annuities (SMIA).
Yield-starved investors and their advisers are discovering a complex investment vehicle: annuities awarded in wrongful-death or injury lawsuits that are being sold as factored structured settlements.

The 7% yield on these products is attractive […]

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SMIA Case Study 1

SMIA Case Study
47-Year Old Male
At the commencement of my business relationship with this client, he clearly indicated he was extremely risk-averse. After losing in S&L crisis in his early years of saving for retirement and after experiencing two major market corrections, he was a bit leery of the financial services industry.

Despite this conservative mindset, this […]

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SMIA Case Study 2

SMIA Case Study
61 Year Old Male 61 and 54 Year Old Female – Retiring now and looking for income
This 61 year old man and his 54 year old wife would like to retire now and wanted to invest in a product that would provide them with immediate income. After discussing the SMIA market with these […]

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What is Long Term Care? Are You Really Prepared to Pay for Your Retirement?

Long term care (LTC) is defined as the provision of help with daily activities, such as bathing, shopping, and food preparation, over an extended period of time. Most Americans recognize they will need long term care services sometime in the future, whether after a surgery or in old age.  However, the vast majority of Americans […]

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Two Steps to Happiness by Ken Doyle

I had the privilege yesterday to hear Linda Larsen speak and I want to share with you two quick steps to happiness. When it comes down to it all of us simply want to be happy which is why we work the way that we do.

Step 1: Surround yourself with upbeat happy people! Look to […]

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FIXED INDEX ANNUITIES: Investors are trying to find Increased value within Stocks: FFG, PPL, THQI

FBL Financial Group (NYSE:FFG) is a $1 billion company that underwrites, markets, and distributes life insurance of fixed and indexed annuities in the western world. For yesteryear 52 weeks, this life insurance coverage company continues to be trading between $31.45 and $19.51 having a trailing 12 month earnings per share of $3.92 and a trailing […]

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Good Employment News

Twice a month Gallup polls approximately 30,000 adults on unemployment. This survey is Not Seasonally Adjusted (NSA).

Before I get to the data, this is a reminder that the employment series really needs a seasonal adjustment.

Every year, even in good employment years, the U.S. economy loses 2.5 to 3.0 million payroll jobs (net) in January.

This is […]

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Genworth Financial Downgraded

Due to higher loss at the U.S. Mortgage Insurance segment as well as weak results at Retirement and Protection and at International, we are downgrading Genworth Financial (GNW – Analyst Report) to Underperform.

Genworth’s mortgage insurance business is experiencing losses as a result of the stressed economic conditions combined with elevated unemployment rates. Though the overall […]

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Wellness and Wealth Run Neck-and-Neck on New Year’s Resolutions Lists-Allianz Life

Yep — it’s that time again, time to start pondering what life changes you’d like to tackle next year. And few things inspire more resolution setting among Americans than their desire to have more money — and less weight.

Allianz Life insurance Company recently revealed the results of its second annual New Year’s Resolution Survey, in […]

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