Stock Market Valuation Made Easy: Is the Market High or Low

On December 31, 1964 the Dow closed at 874.2.  Seventeen Years later on December 31, 1981 the Dow closed at 875.  Over that time period the GDP of the US grew by 370%, the sales of the Fortune 500 more than sextupled, and the Dow inched up a mere fraction of a point.


How is it possible […]

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How to Profit From a Top Client Advisory Council, Part III by Ron Carson

In Part I, I discussed what an Advisory Council is and why it makes sense for advisors to set one up. In Part II, I shared a few thoughts that you should keep in mind as you establish your council.  Today, I’ll describe the logistics of setting up and running the meetings and review topics […]

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Customers by Jennifer Monahan-Searles

The holiday season is in full swing here in San Francisco.  The tree is up in Union Square; the cable cars are decorated with lights, garlands and ornaments; and practically every building has some type of holiday décor.  And, like every year, people everywhere seem to be more friendly, and, well, nicer.  It’s as if […]

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LPL IPO, Todd Robinson, Mark Casady, and the American Retirement Dream: Wade Dokken Commentary

Twenty-two years ago I had a lunch in San Diego with the President and insurance coordinator of Private Ledger, a small financial planning firm in San Diego.  This was before “financial planning” meant anything.   I was the new American Skandia National Sales Manager.  We had no A.M.Best ratings, nor any ratings from S&P.  Fitch […]

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LPL IPO continues to Gain Mentions

LPL Financial’s IPO is the story of the American Retirement Dream Fulfilled. This IPO is not unlike the IPO of Apple or Microsoft for their respective industry. Todd Robinson, Mark Casady, Jim Putnam and countless others followed the desires of the American investing public for independent advice, fee for service, non-proprietary products and superior technology.

Together they have […]

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Are You Really Listening to Your Clients? By Jennifer Monahan-Searles


I once moderated sixty (yes, sixty!) focus groups for the United States Postal Service over a 5 week time period.  And, with the exception of the one focus group where I had to eject one of the participants for unruly behavior, they were all pretty much the same.  I heard the exact same needs, requirements […]

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Google Me, The new Twitter and how financial advisors can benefit from Social Networking by Sean Browne

Welcome to my Blog Financial Advisors.  I wanted to start with some news on what’s happening in the Social Media World to help keep you up to speed.  I have been keeping an eye on three particular new stories lately that may have a big impact on social media that can effectively increase your financial […]

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The Habits of Top Achievers Part 2 of 3 by Ron Carson

Here’s Part II of what separates the top achievers from the average achievers.

6.    They are early risers.  By rising 30 minutes earlier each day, you can add two weeks to your year.  Imagine what you can do in two extra weeks.  You could spend more time with the people who are important to you.  You could […]

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