Health Care Costs—A Long Term Economic Challenge by Wade Dokken

We founded WealthVest Marketing to focus upon products which are guaranteed.  We predicated this bias for three reasons.  The first is painfully straightforward—after over a decade of flat equity market performance, Americans will likely reduce their exposure to equities for their discretionary savings.    The experience has been painful for some and not what they anticipated.  […]

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The Next 100 Million by Wade Dokken

Our current recession, which may end at the end of this quarter, has been severe.  The impacts upon housing, unemployment, business formation, and the toll on existing companies and our citizens exceeds any recessions since the “Great Depression.” However, in the middle of these trying times, Joel Kotkin has authored “The Next Hundred Million.”  Mr. […]

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European Debt Crises Part 3 By Wade Dokken

Don’t worry about the Greek debt crisis
That was the clear stance of James Bullard, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, last week in London. His major message was sovereign debt crises occur frequently, but in my opinion his strongest statement is on the resilience of the US economy so far:

“In all, the […]

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European Debt Crises Part 2 By Wade Dokken

Credit Default Swap Spreads/ Why Does the Market Think A Crisis Might Occur

CDS spreads have always been a central part of any discussions on the imminence, probability, and magnitude of a debt crisis. This one is no different. CDS contracts act essentially as insurance on debt, and when they rise, the market is indicating that […]

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European Debt Crises Part 1 By Wade Dokken

Just as the market shaking waves of the global credit crisis began to ebb, an older, and equally potentially damaging, dilemma reared its ugly head. The phrase “public debt” has been on everyone’s lips for a while now, but it has discovered new emphasis recently. Lately, you’ve probably heard the phrase in reference to Greece, […]

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