You should, because in just 5 minutes we can help you improve your online brand and search engine optimization. After a brief “beta” period, we’re excited to open Advisor Answers to everyone doing business with WealthVest. Advisor Answers, through a partnership with our affiliate, gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and practice online.

Why Answer Questions? 3 Good Reasons:

  1. Boost your online profile: Increasing the appearance of your name and business online helps promote your brand
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We automatically generate links back to your website from
  3. Generate new business: Users that appreciate your perspective can contact you directly

Here’s How You Participate:

  1. Review the weekly ‘Question Posts’ on (we’ll also email you)
  2. Click “Answer Now” and post your response into the comments section at the bottom of the post on
  3. You’re done! If anything comes up, we’ll get in touch.
  4. Your answer will be posted on along with your bio from and link to your website (how do I change my bio?). Be sure to include the link to your website in your profile if you have one. Need one? Visit Advisors’ Digital Marketing.